Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, I'm officially official...

Today, I received my PIN to be able to log into the online Registration system.

I am now registered for 4 classes:
  • Circle of Advocates--meets two Saturdays, 2/2 & 4/5
  • Education's Place in Society--every Thursday from 4:45 to 7
  • Field Experience I--Exploration--not sure how this works, but I need to do 30 hours in a classroom sometime during the semester
  • Human Relations & Multicultural Education--every Tuesday from 4:45 to 7
I even went to the bookstore and forked over $292 for the books for these courses!

Ouch!! Thank goodness for student loans! :-)

So I'm all I just need to make it through the weekend, curbing my enthusiasm.

Classes start on Tuesday!!

Wish me well.

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