Thursday, March 18, 2010

Being Sick...

I hate being sick. Of course, I don't know anyone who actually enjoys it.

Thankfully, I don't really get sick that often. At least not debilitating. Mostly headaches and fits of the blahs.

This bout of the cold started last Wednesday as a simple sore throat. That sore throat got worse and worse until Monday it had progressed to a full on cold. Since then, I've gone through nearly an entire box of Puffs. On my own. It's incredibly gross! I'll spare you all the disgusting details.

Really, I wanted to share the other reasons why I hate being sick...

All my progress towards a healthier lifestyle? OUT THE WINDOW!
  • Not one day since last Wednesday have I consumed more than 3-4 glasses of water. The 3+ weeks prior I was averaging 9 glasses per day.
  • I haven't been able to go to the gym or pool or long walks with Sallie.
  • I spend most of my day napping, which means I haven't been eating very often. It's hard to eat while you're asleep.
  • When I eat, it's all junk! I've had more sweets and crappy food in the past week than in the previous month.
All medicine that claims relief tastes awful!

One good thing from it all? Lots and lots of snuggle time with my girl!

What do you HATE  about being sick? Are there any benefits? Do you have a surefire cure to the common cold?

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  1. I like aromatherapy myself... peppermint is really soothing in a humidifier or even in a pot of boiling water and just breathe in the vapors. Or a nice hot aromatherapy bath is good too... lavender is also great and relaxing, and eucalyptus is supposed to be good for colds though I've never used it. Whole Foods has a great selection of essential oils.

    I hope you feel better soon to get out and enjoy the great weather we have been having.

  2. That bites!!!!! I hope you feel 110% soon! I hate taking medicince too...I'm right there with you on that!

    Stopping by from SITS! Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you've been sick. My #1 favorite part about being sick is the chance I get to read without feeling guilty. I hope you're on the mend now!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes, my friends! I should be on the mend soon - now that I'm on antibiotics and a bunch of other stuff. :-)