Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Lifestyle, New Hairstyle

You may or may not know, but Jeff and I have decided to make some changes in our lives. We're purging much of the clutter and materialistic things in our lives, including our car.

This is a big change. An all-encompassing change.

For me, I tend to change my hair. Sometimes a hair change will prompt life changes and sometimes it's the other way around.

Here's the progression of my hair changes this time around.
After (from front)

After (from side)
After (from other side)
After (from back)
The above After shots are of a haircut I did myself. It turned out really cute! I was so pleased and proud that I could get nice layers and texture all on my own. I've enjoyed such satisfaction cutting my own hair the past few years.

I loved this haircut when my hair was still wet. It laid just right and looked super cute.

I never had (took?) the time to actually do my hair in the mornings before work, so the cuteness would often fade as it dried, and I would fall back into the habit of tucking my hair behind my ears, which I hate.

After (from front with hair tucked behind my ears)
The haircut above was done on July 24th. It was mostly prompted by how HOT it's been this summer. My neck was always too sweaty. It was gross and uncomfortable. So, out came the scissors.

Jeff really wanted me to go shorter, but I wasn't brave enough. I mentioned it to my step-mom, and she thought I could totally pull it off.

With making the switch to commuting by bike, I decided I'd push myself. I thought long and hard and decided I'd try shorter. It will be easier to maintain, easier to ride with a bike helmet. So much cooler in the summer!

I didn't think I'd be able to pull off a short haircut on my own, so I did a quick Google maps search for hair salons near my apartment. I found PĆ¼sch. They are only 4 blocks away, and they had some awesome specials, so I called them up and made an appointment.

I was so nervous...and yet so very excited!

I showed Kasey some pictures and let her go at it. When she was washing my hair, she commented on the nice texture of the cut. I couldn't help but brag that I'd done it myself.

Here's what she came up with.

I think it makes me look more mature; Jeff think it makes me look sexier.

What do you think?? Take my poll in the upper right.

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  1. Well by leaving a comoment now you know that I am a blog-stalker..... but I have to say that you totally pull off the short hair - it looks great!

  2. Wow! You are right. What a change. You did totally pull it off! I think it looks great. Congrats on the courage to go for it!

  3. I think you are both right. More mature, sexier, hipper. Good work.

  4. Clarinda you look VERY now. Trendy, hip, whatever you want to call it. A+ for having the guts to do it! And I agree with Treva - You definately pull it off great!

  5. i love it!!!
    you are so brave!!

    you have a very versatile face - so lucky! it looks amazing short and like how you cut it before...
    love it!
    i'm thinking about doing it!!

  6. @Heathere--I love that you blog-stalk me, and now I love that I have proof that you do. Thanks for the comment and the nice compliment.

    @Treva, Reuben, Trudy, and Marla--THANK YOU all for the wonderful comments. I love that people love my new cut (especially enough to leave a comment. You all rock!

    @ Marla--Yes, you should definitely do it. It's so fun. :-)