Friday, November 19, 2010

An Awesome Playlist Can Make ALL the Difference

Yesterday I was so excited to go to the gym. Probably more excited than I have been in a very long time.

You see, I created a new playlist for my run. The songs make me so happy! They make me wanna dance \:D/...and run.

Here's my playlist:

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I probably looked a bit like a fool as I did my run on the treadmill. There was definitely a spring to my step and a bop to my head. I was having FUN! I didn't care if anyone was watching. I was just enjoying my music.

At the beginning of November, I made a goal to run at least 5 runs in a month at a pace faster than a 9 min/mile. This was a pretty aggressive goal for me - quite an improvement from my normal pace. I decided to stick to slightly shorter runs. I've refined this goal to maintain that pace for 20 minutes.

Yesterday was the FIRST run I've done that broke that 9'00" barrier. My average pace was 8'57" for slightly more than 20 min and a total of 2.29 min.

Yay, me!
Now, I just need to do this 4 more times by 12/2. Wish me luck. %%-