Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is Winter Over YET??

My clothing certainly seems to think so. :)

This past Saturday, the zipper broke on my (3-year-old) winter coat.

This morning, my boots have eaten another pair of my socks.

It just dawned on me today, that the holes in my socks must be from my boots. I have gone through so. many. pairs of socks this winter. It's ridiculous! Now, I've got to either trash them....or learn how to darn socks. Several of said ruined socks I just got this past Christmas from the Ugly Sock Fairy, and I'm just not ready to part with them yet.

Stupid boots!! :P

This is MN, afterall, so, although Spring is nearing calendar-wise, there is still a good chance we'll get more snow this season.

I need new boots, a new coat.
I don't want to buy them, though.
Especially knowing after this one, we'll only have one more winter.
It's so hard to buy new winter stuff knowing it will only get used for one season.
Guess time will tell if I buckle.

At least one post in March? Check!

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  1. tell me more of this Ugly Sock Fairy of whom you speak...

  2. I, too, am interested in your Ugly Sock Fairy. I am also interested to hear of why you'll only have one more winter of needing boots/coats/etc. Did I miss an exciting announcement about you moving somewhere warm and tropical?

  3. Haha! So, you want to know more about the Ugly Sock Fairy (USF). My step-mom likes to tease me about my style of socks, so one year the USF came for a visit for Christmas. Now every year, she stops by with some cute socks for me to wear. Here's a link for an example of one year's haul.

    Lara, As far as only one more winter, I don't think I've actually announced it, but our plan after graduation (May 2012) is to move to an island in the Mediterranean. :) Perhaps I'll blog about that soon.