Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are my feet fat?

Day 8


I bought these shoes back in Oct or Nov.

Super cute shoes from Marshalls
I thought buying shoes would be safe while I'm trying to lose weight. Something that would last and still fit even after a drop some pounds.

I know, I know. I should be working.
Or studying for my final.
I loved these shoes when I first brought them home and the first few times I wore them.

Now, they are T-I-G-H-T!
And painful.

Can you see the indentations? Ouch! :(
So, I ask again. What's the deal? Can feet get fat?

Oh, and I'm so desparately in need of a pedi, that my pinkie toe started bleeding this afternoon.

Ok, so maybe it wasn't completely spontaneous.

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  1. ooohh, your feet look like they hurt. :(

    Any shoe that even remotely gives the impression of being tight, I won't buy them. I can't take it.

    But you know what they say, go shoe shopping toward the end of your day, that's when your feet are at their 'biggest' since they'll swell from all the activity.

    Hope they feel better. (pedis always make them happy ;)

  2. First off, super-cute shoes!

    I'm not sure if feet get FAT, but I do know they swell, based on water retention, time of day, etc.

    I've gained and lost LOTS of weight in my life -the only time that the size of my feet actually changed was when I was pregnant - I actually (permanently) gained a 1/2 size. One of the gifts of having children *not*. At the time, I was so sad at having to give away so many shoes.

  3. @Emily, I totally with you on the not buying them if they even remotely feel tight. These didn't. And I bought them after work one evening. :(

    @Laura, Thanks! :) Well, I know it's not the preggers thing for me. Perhaps it's just seasonal?? I'd be sad to give any so many shoes, too.

  4. My vote is seasonal and/or running. My feet swell when I run a lot. Well, that and my toenails fall off. Clearly, my feet are sexxxyy!

    PS - Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  5. @elzimmy, Yeah, I'll go with that. :) I have been running more recently. What? Swollen, toenail-less feet aren't sexy? Oops! ;)

    PS - You're welcome.

  6. Those are seriously cute shoes!
    Hmmm, no answers from me on the feet, though. Just make sure you're getting enough water, especially if you are running more. I know it sounds backwards, but you need more fluid to flush the fluid! :)

  7. @TNM, I'm generally a pretty terrible water consumer. Thanks for the reminder. :) I'm sipping water right now. ;)