Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Favorites for Friday

Day 10

Today's will be just a quick post. I just finished my final, and I'm pretty much all packed for my weekend Pedal and Paddle. Laura should be here soon to pick me up. I'm so excited. And nervous.

Confession: I haven't gone on a bike ride at all this month!

Five quick favorites:
  • Color - To wear - green/orange. To admire - vibrant red, orange, yellow
  • Car - Toss between my first real car ('89 Dodge Daytona, red. Oh, how I loved that car) and my most recent car ('08 Scion xB, RLS 5, gold)
  • Author from my teenage years - Mary Higgins Clark
  • Flower - gladiolas or lily of the valleys
  • Race I've run - Earth Day Half Marathon in St Cloud, MN 2002
Have a beautiful weekend!

Send me all kinds of well wishes as I kayak and bike around northern MN tomorrow and Sunday!

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  1. Wishing you all the best! (Even if I'm a day late - I still hope it went really well and goes well tomorrow, too!)

  2. @Ally, It was a terrific weekend. More coming soon...