Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I am feeling fat...and that just ain't right the day after a weekend of kayaking, running, biking, and hiking!

I ate like crap today.
I'm 99% sure that's why I feel so icky now.

I can't wait for our CSA deliveries to begin. Fresh veggies just sound sooooo gooood right about now.

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  1. AWWW! Feel better sweetie...tomorrow is a new day! SMile :)

  2. @Llama, Thanks! Your comment totally helped. :) Now, if the rain would simply go anyway...

  3. You used up a lot of calories over the weekend! Your body was fooling you into feeding it anything. I've been there, done that. (more than I like to admit!) Yay for CSA's! You'll feel great surrounded by all that goodness!

  4. We all have those days! Yesterday was a fat day, today is the opposite. Every day is different, but I find that drinking absurd amounts of water helps me to get away from the "fat" feeling.

    Happy hump day, Clarinda!

  5. @TNM, You're probably right. I'm very excited for our CSA. June 27th is our first delivery. Yay!

    @Amanda, I'm notoriously bad about drinking water, but you're right! I definitely need to make it more of a priority.

  6. I feel absolutely HORRIBLE after I eat crappy food. Makes all the exercise I did that day or the day before seem like a complete waste. Hope you feel better today! :)

  7. I get the crap eating after a hard weekend of working out. It's like our bodies say, "Hey! I'm skinnier, get me some chocolate!"

  8. @Emily, Much better. Thanks! :)

    @Sandra, Our bodies are so easily fooled. (or is it me that is fooled?)