Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday #10

I had a great day!

I'm thankful for frozen pizza! So fast. So easy. So tasty! Hitting just the right spot after my 17+ mile bike ride.

I'm thankful for google maps. Even though it sometimes creates the funkiest routes, it's still super helpful when navigating around on my bike.

That's it for now.

I'm off to finish enjoying my pizza and watch Megamind.

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  1. 17+ mile ride? ! You are a changed woman! :) I am stuck at home with kids...

  2. 17 miles is a long way...go you!

    We're big fans of frozen pizza around here too. It's pretty much the only thing that KB will "cook".

  3. @Laura, Crazy, I know! I still haven't recovered full dexterity in my left hand, though. :(

    @REBrown, Thanks! I kept getting lost and having to consult the map on my phone. Took FOREVER! But it was a good ride. :)

  4. We did frozen pizza this week, too. Saves the day some nights!

  5. I love pizza of any kind and when it's quick and easy, all the better.

    PS, i voted in your poll today for "respond with comments" I love getting e-mails but don't like the pressure of responding to every comment personally, plus, I think my responses are worth sharing when I can answer them all at once.

  6. @Anonymous, Thanks for the comment and for voting in my poll. :) I pretty much feel the same way, but I'm trying to get a feel to see if there are some out there that do prefer emails. Hopefully I'll get some more votes.