Monday, June 27, 2011

Very first delivery

Farmers, at least in Minnesota, have really been having a tough time this season. Cool temperatures and lots of rain have not produced very good conditions. Many CSAs (community supported agriculture) in the area have postponed the start of their deliveries because of this.

Fortunately for us, the folks at Treasured Haven Farms have decided to stay on schedule. We only purchased an every other week package, and our first delivery was scheduled for today.

After work, we rode our bikes to our pick-up location to pick up this week's yumminess.
Baby Leaf Lettuce Blend, Green Onions, fresh green Shallots (scallions), assorted Radishes
Looks to me like the makings to a very delicious salad.

With a few cherry tomatoes and chopped walnuts, topped with a Mediterranean vinaigrette.
Our box was lacking in quality and variety, but I'm sure that as the season progresses, both will improve greatly! Right now, I'm just very grateful for what we did receive. :)

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  1. Funny, we are also with Treasured Haven Farms this year. Did you get the full share? It'll be interesting to see how similar our weekly deliveries are. :)

  2. @Heathere, Funny how we're using the same CSA! We got the smallest share, EOW, for the entire season. We'll have to swap some recipes.

  3. I love CSA's and their whole concept! Though we have a few out where I live, we don't have one that delivers to our neighborhood. Then again, we have a little garden, so it's like having our own! Our weather has been tough, but the cool & wet means we have TONS of lettuce, spinach and chard! Salads, salads, salads!