Saturday, December 17, 2011

#HBBC, Week 4 Recap

Week 4 of the #HBBC was off to a great start, but really petered out at the end.

Week 4
12/10: 10 points
  • Ran 9 miles - Joined TCRE (my running group) for a run. I'd intended on doing a LSD run of about 8 miles. We went a bit faster and further than I'd wanted, but I still felt pretty good about the run. Plus I met a new friend who lives nearby and offered me a ride home - saving me from a mile walk in barely double digit weather wearing super sweaty clothes. I gladly accepted the ride.
  • Walked 1 mile - Walked to pick up the HourCar to pick up my race packet for the Get Lucky Triple 7K (half marathon) I'll be doing in March. I know it's super early, but I just couldn't wait for the super awesome sweatshirt.
12/11: 5 points
12/12: 1 points
  • REST!!!
  • 7 servings of fruits/vegs. Yay!
12/13: 5 points
  • Ran 4 miles - Took advantage of the beautiful weather that has melted all the snow, and ran along the river. At night. In the dark. It's wasn't bad at all. Felt pretty good actually.
  • 20 min of weights - I was really short on time, but better than nothing, right?
12/14: 4 points
  • Ran 4 miles - Treadmill. My goal was to run 4 miles at a 9:30ish pace. I set the treadmill to 6.3, random workout with average level of 2. I really had to push myself a few times to fight the urge to walk. I gave in 3 times and ended with an average pace of 9:43.
12/15: 0 points
  • I had a final to study for a final bright and early Fri morning, so I chose to study instead of workout. It was my last final, so at least for a few weeks school won't get in my way of working out. :)
12/9: 0 points
  • REST!!! - After a few days of little sleep preparing for my final, I really welcomed an evening with nothing to do. Plus, I didn't want to wear myself out for Saturday's run.
Week 2 Total: 25 - most points in one week for me! yay!
Challenge Total: 80.95

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