Friday, December 2, 2011

Well, that was weird...

I was just taking a little Friday afternoon nap.

When I abruptly awoke from my 1st ever, bona fide blogger dream.

Now I know that dreams are a bit nonsensical, but there were such fun bloggers appearing in this little ditty that I can't help but share the bits I can remember.

First, I was neighbors with Ally from Two Normal Moms. She lived on the street behind my house, down a hill, and a few houses over. She had a gorgeous, pet friendly home.

I know because not only were we neighbors, we were friends.

Good enough friends that I felt comfortable entering her home.

And hanging out.

When no one else was there.

It wasn't creepy, I promise.

While it was most definitely Ally's home, there was a sense of Mark from Forward Progress. He didn't actually appear in my dream, but he recently lost two dogs, and I remember making a comment in my dream about how comfortable Sallie was in Ally's house because of the loss of her two dogs. I'm guessing that's how that tied in since I know Ally hasn't lost any pets (and least not that she shared on her blog).

There were some funny occurences happening at Ally's.

For some reason, Sallie kept escaping to Ally's house.

And there was a misunderstanding with my family, who apparently didn't like the people in the house where she kept ending up. I kept thinking, Who couldn't love Ally? She's my favorite neighbor??

You know how dreams can flip in an instant, so suddenly, I was hanging out with Lauren from Sweat Junkie. We were all in some kind of class. I wanna say it started out as some sort of exercise class / boot camp type of thing, but it may have morphed into some thing more ladylike. hehehe.

All I remember is at the end of the dream, Lauren, sweet Lauren, was getting berated by an older woman (50ish) who was teaching/conducting the class (and no longer were any of us wearing workout-type attire).

And then.

In swooped this guy (presumably a celebrity of some sort) who got right in the face of this older woman, and yelled, "Say Sweat Junkie!"

This totally flustered the woman and sent the class into riotous laughter, with everyone repeating Say Sweat Junkie.

Trust me.

It. Was. Hilarious!

And then I woke up and thought, "Well that was weird."

Dreams are funny things. I don't usually put too much stock in them, and I rarely try to find meaning from them.

And I'm not going to today either.

But these are a few of my favorite blogs, so I figured I'd tell you a little about them and maybe why you should check them out.

Two Normal Moms
Meet Ally and Lela. Two best friends that grew up together and now blog together. They blog about a wide variety of things - each of them writing separately. It's fun to follow their lives. Ally tends to blog a bit more frequently than Lela, so I'm a little more familiar with her. They are both well written and funny.

Forward Progress
Mark and I are friends on DailyMile. His blog is fairly new and mostly tracks his running progress and everyday activities.

Sweat Junkie
Formerly the Running Cook, Lauren recently switched to a new blog. She loves to sweat and share all her sweaty stories with us. Last month, she had to take a DNS for her first marathon because of an injury week's before the big day. So sad.

I find inspiration from so many blogs/bloggers - not just these three.

I love blogging and connecting with bloggers from across the country. It's fun to read about different experiences by real people.

So tell me. Have you ever dreamt about a fellow blog or blogger?

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  1. Wow, what a crazy dream! I have weird dreams sometimes and they either make me think I'm losing it or wonder where in the world my sleeping mind came up with such nonsense! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for sharing your dream! :)

  2. I have weird dreams that switch quickly like that, too, sometimes. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the sweet, sweet comments about our blog! (I am very much an animal lover, and you and your pets would be welcome in my house!) :)

  3. I laughed out loud! No blog dreams (nightmares?) yet....hmmm wonder what that means?