Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a Mistake!

Yesterday, I was supposed to run 5miles at my goal half marathon pace.

My nose had other ideas, so I didn't get a run in at all.

If I don't go before work, I just don't seem to have time in the evenings - especially this week with my portfolio due date looming.

So, I decided I'd do my 5mile pace run this morning instead.

This was not a good idea.

During my warm-up walk - Ooh. These sidewalks are a little slick in spots. I'll just walk/run along the grass next to the sidewalks, and I should be fine.

Did I mention it was 5:30am and DARK?

0.8 miles - I tripped on a rock (or was it a root?) and fell. Hard. I took a second to catch my breath and decided to just keep going.

I ran a little further on the side, but figured it was stupid, so moved back to the paved path. My pace was SLOW, but I kept saying, well, this would be my half marathon pace if the conditions were icy. I was practically walking at some points; I felt like I was running in slow motion.

2.2 miles - I fell again. It still wasn't exactly the slipperiness of the path. No, this time, the path jumped up at me.  Yeah there was a buckle that I didn't compensate for, and I went down.

I really wanted to keep pushing for 0.3 more miles to get in my 5 miles.

2.3 miles - I succumbed and turned around.

I tried to push myself on the way home to try to gain back some speed, but my body just didn't want to.  I could feel bruising on my left arm and thigh from where I'd fallen. And I just wanted to cry!

4.2 miles - I gave up and decided to just walk the rest of the way.

I slipped a couple more times on my way home but nothing serious. I was cold and tired and cranky and sore by the time I walked in my door.

I was very concerned about my clothing. Thankfully, no tears. No damage! Yay!

Now nearly every step hurts.

This sucks.

Especially since there is no visible bruising on my thigh! I mean, c'mon, let me at least have some proof - bragging rights - that I attempted to conquer the icy running paths.

Now I have tomorrow to rest and, hopefully, recuperate. I'm running a 5K NYE in the evening, so hopefully I'll be feeling much better by then.

How do you deal with icy/slippery conditions? Any tips for sore muscles, bruises, scrapes that are a result of falling while running?

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  1. I've definitely fallen while running before. Short of changing shoes to trail shoes rather than street shoes (which I'm not sure would really be that beneficial anyway), I don't have much advice.

  2. Can't help with the ice, though I've heard Yak Traks work well. As for the bruising and soreness, try a hot epsom salt bath. You could also pick up some Arnica cream or gel and rub it into the sore spots several times a day.

    Sorry - that doesn't sound like it was a fun run at all!