Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K (virtual race)

This afternoon, I participated in The Boring Runner's virtual 5K.

When I signed up, I was considering running a half marathon today and doing the virtual race as part of that race. I decided against the half because 1) my knee is still bothering me, 2) I babied my knee slacked on the training a bit these past few weeks, and 3) I didn't want to pay the registration fee.

Adam said we could run it "Wherever the crap you want! Outside, treadmill, in front of the WII, nude in the shower, wherever!"

I considered running nude in the shower. But I figured that would probably be even more boring than the treadmill and almost as slippery as outside. ;-)

Since the sidewalks are still a little icy, I headed to the gym instead.

I kind of strained my knee during Thursday's virtual race, so I decided to take it easy for this one. I started real slow, walking the first 1/2 mile. I could pretty much feel my knee during the whole run. Boooo.

Here is how I broke down my race:


I probably still pushed it a little too much. Ugh. At least it is over.

So, yeah. I didn't exactly freeze anything off during this race. Or get a PR.

Good thing all the prizes are randomly selected. Hope I win!!

Speaking of prizes, don't forget to read my review and enter my giveaway.

Did you run any races this weekend (real or virtual)?

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  1. Oh no! Knee troubles?! I have been there and it is no fun! Hope they start feeling better!

  2. :( I hope your knee improves. Mine sidelined me for quite a while, and I have to be super strict with myself to keep from doing things to flare it up again. Though it's probably not the exact same issue, I highly recommend continuing the strength video - can often make a huge difference! Sounds like a cool video!

  3. Sorry your knee is still giving your trouble. Hope you feel better soon!