Saturday, January 7, 2012

#HBBC Finale

My participation in The Holiday Booty Buster Challenge really fizzled out by the end. Bummer!

The challenge is now over.

Since I didn't post my recap for Week 6, here is my recap for the final two weeks.

Week 6

12/24: 10 points
  • Ran 9 miles - Joined TCRE for a group run. Much bigger group than I'd originally thought, which worked out well. I was nervous because the last I'd checked there were going to be 3 of us, and we all had very different paces. I wasn't sure how we would manage, but more people showed up and it went really well!
  • Stretched for 20 min - I'm usually really terrible about taking the time to properly stretch after a long, hard run. Not today! I took the time to really just relax and enjoy some good stretching time.
12/25: 0.6 points
  • I convinced my sister and niece to go for a walk with me on Christmas Day. It was fun to walk around my parent's neighborhood and such a beautiful evening! I was kind of disappointed in the lack of visible Christmas lights in the area, though.
12/26: 0 points
  • REST!!!
12/27: 3 points
  • Ran 3 miles - This run went really fast - despite a slower pace. Sometimes it's fun to just run!
12/28: 0 points
  • I couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed this morning. Plus, I was on a deadline to finish my portfolio, so I didn't really have time in the evening, either.
12/29: 4.8 points
  • Ran 4.8 miles - I really wanted to get in 5 miles, but the sidewalks and trails were slippery in patches. After falling twice, I ended up turning around and walking quite a bit of the way back.
12/30: 0 points
  • REST!!!
Week 6 Total: 18.4
Challenge Total: 113.35

Week 2

12/31: 3.1 points
1/1: 0 points
  • Was going to run 10 miles out to my parent's house, but there was a snowstorm the night before, and I didn't feel safe about running on the paths.
1/2: 11 points
  • Ran 10 miles - Treadmill. I really wanted to get in 10 miles even though my knee was hurting slightly since the 5K on Saturday. I just took it at a nice, slow pace. Attempted to watch movies to fight the treadmill boredom.
  • Stretched for 20 min - Another great stretching session after a nice long run.
1/3: 2 points
  • Exercise video for 40 minutes - Since my knee was still bothering me, and I'd developed some sort of rash, I decided against running and swimming. Instead I tried out a new exercise video at home that is designed to help runners strengthen their cores. I'm going to try it out for a few more sessions, and then I'll do a full review and giveaway. Very excited about this!
1/4: 0 points
  • Knee still bothersome; rash even itchier.
1/5: 0 points
  • Went to the doctor for my rash and complained about my knee while I was there. Her orders? Buy new shoes and strengthen my core.
1/6: 0 points
  • We had dinner plans with some friends, so I intended on getting up early and doing that workout video. I just couldn't seem to crawl out of bed! I ended up catching an even later bus than usual. Booo!
Week 7 Total: 16.1
Challenge Total: 129.45

Would I do this challenge again? Yes, I think so. Even though I didn't get as many points as I would have liked, it was still a good challenge. I think it may have been better if I'd signed up on time. I may have taken it a little more seriously.

What's my next challenge? Well, I've been pseudo-training for a half marathon on Jan 28th. I still have time to register for the early registration rate, so now I'm hoping that my knee gets to feeling up to it. After that, training for Grandma's starts mid-February.

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  1. New blog is a beauty! Nice work on redesigning it.

    Nice work with the group run-- I LOVE doing group runs, the time just flies by.

  2. good luck on whatever you decide with the race this month, seems like your training is pretty solid.

    thanks for being a great participant!

  3. I think you still did a lot the last two weeks of the challenge. Good job!