Friday, January 27, 2012

THE END + 5QF #3

Today was my last day of work.

I know I'm off to bigger and better things plus I was a bit of a slacker at work, so I was pretty much looking forward to finishing up this assignment.

Still, it was with mixed feelings that I ate my good-bye lunch and worked through this final day.

Of course, our company holiday party is tomorrow evening, so I'll see everyone one last time.

In addition to a free lunch today, I also got a card signed by everyone in the office (about 10 or so people) with a $100 GC to the Aveda Institute included. That was very unexpected!

I think I'll hang on to it until around Spring Break. I'm betting I'll be ready for a little pampering by then. :-)

My boss also made me this pretty pendant.

And then her boss gave me a $50 Visa gift card as a thank you for working over MLK weekend.

All in all definitely not a bad last day of work.

And now for Five Question Friday.

1. Do you swim in the winter?
Only if I have to. I'm not a big swimmer, but I'll go every now and again to encourage my husband to get some exercise. Last weekend I swam with the sharks at SeaLife. Does that count? Hopefully I'll get a post on that up in the next few days.

2. Do you love or hate winter?
Yeah. I'm pretty much a winter hater. I hate the cold. The dry, itchy skin. The bloody noses. The cold. The dark. Blah.

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you're going to be home all day with just family?
Ha. Sometimes I don't even put makeup/actual clothes on when I'm going out and about. Oops!

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?
I was 20.

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable?
I'm not sure. Maybe 9-15.

Have you ever received gifts on the last day of a job? What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. $100 gift certificate to Aveeda plus the other $50 gift card? Very nice!!

    Best wishes for your new phase of life!

  2. Wow - great last day! That was really nice of all of them. When I left my old job to pursue my current career, my "bosses" gave me an iPod. That was 7-8 years ago, so it is the old style one, but it was such a great gift! Of the two clinic owners, I was, and still am, friends with one of them, so the gift was mostly his influence :)