Thursday, January 26, 2012

Virtual Race - 3.5

This morning, I participated in my first ever virtual race.

I did it on the treadmill because, well, I am a wimp didn't want to risk running outside in the dark with snow-packed sidewalks.

Since this was a race, I wanted to really push myself. I think I may have pushed myself a little too hard because I can feel an increased twinge in my knee. I hope it doesn't last all day.

Here's how I broke down my speed:


I took a pic of my final results on the treadmill.

Time: 33:43 Distance: 3.5 miles
Sorry for the crappy picture. It looks better on my phone, but when I uploaded it directly from my phone to Picasa, it cut off the bottom for some dumb reason. Weird. I tried it twice before deciding to just crop it and go with that.

There were several times when I wanted to stop to walk OR just pause the machine to take a quick breather, but I RESISTED!

Other than that, I felt great. And, of course, finishing felt great, too. :)

Running a virtual race is not quite the same as running one IRL. I find it a little more difficult to push myself when there aren't other runners out there to attempt to pass and no spectators to cheer, but I think I'd still do another one. I still pushed myself a little more than I normally would have.

There is still time to join me in this race - but not much. Head over to Running, Loving, Living to sign up. Then run 3.5 miles either today or tomorrow. She's got lots of great giveaways, too. I'm sure I won't win with my time, but fingers crossed I win a fabulous drawing. :-)

Now don't delay, run today (or tomorrow)!

Have you ever participated in a virtual race?

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  1. Great job with your first virtual race!

  2. Glad you posted this - I clicked over, and love her blog. It just so happens that I ran 3.5 miles today in West Seattle on a rare, beautiful, blue sky day. So I entered the virtual run and emailed her a pic I took from my run. Fun!

  3. What a cool idea, I'll have to check it out. (A54)

    1. I did another one yesterday. Virtual races are fun. You should try one.