Friday, February 24, 2012

5QF #4 & Flashback to 2009

I haven't done this for awhile, but it's a fun, easy post and that's just what I need after today (more on that hopefully tomorrow).

1. What's your favorite way to spend down time (alone or with a significant other)? Watching TV or a movie, reading blogs, or taking a nap. Probably in that order of preference, but really any of those will do.

2. Are you the kind of person that wants things more as soon as you know you can't have it? Yes, definitely. Me and will power aren't the greatest of friends. I mean especially when it comes to food, which is precisely why I don't diet and don't eat particularly healthy.

3. If you were given $1000 to spend on yourself, what would you buy? I would overhaul my wardrobe. Perhaps with the advice of a personal shopper or something. Fashion is definitely not my forte, and my clothes are pathetic. All too often I show up at work only to realize how much I hate my outfit.

4. Do you ever go out to eat by yourself? Dinner? No. Lunch? Absolutely. I wouldn't really have a problem going out to eat by myself for dinner, but I just don't ever do it.

5. What company would you want to do a blog review for? Probably just about any company that would offer me something to try to improve my running or core. There are likely a few companies in particular, but I'm probably be willing to do a review for just about any company that I find interesting.

I thought I'd do a little Flashback Friday today as well.

Back in Feb 2009, I did a little daily photo challenge. Topic: winter

On 2/24/09, I posted this picture of Sallie playing in the snow.

It's probably not as fun for you to Flashback with me, but I love looking through old posts and pictures. Brings back fun memories of our last apartment. We didn't get anywhere near this amount of snow this year (knock on wood).

Sooooo... happy Friday, everyone! I've got a lot of work to do this weekend, but no other plans, which is niiiiice! What are you up to this weekend?

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