Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday evening randomness

This afternoon, I went for a bike ride.

Check out that elevation profile! Naturally, the worst of the hills came at the end along with an ever-so-lovely headwind. Yikes! Next time, perhaps, I'll do the reverse for maybe a slightly easier ride.

Other than the last few miles with the headwind, this was all on city streets - not separate bike paths.

Does anyone else feel weird about just going out for a bike ride on city streets without any particular destination or purpose? Whenever I start to go fast, I think, Why? I'm in no hurry. I still try to push myself. But, I'm not gonna lie. It just feels weird.
As I pulled up to a red light, I could see the State Capitol in the distance.
In other randomness, when you visit a blog, do you check out the sidebar? I generally try to, but I'm not always the best at it. That said, I tend to expect that visitors to my blog are checking out my sidebars. Sometimes, I add something to the sidebar without ever mentioning it in a post. Now, I wonder if maybe I shouldn't do that.

So, just in case you missed them...

I've decided to join a couple different challenges for April.

First up, I'll be joining Run to the Finish for: 30 Days of Fun

I'm super excited for this challenge! Who doesn't need a little more fun in their life? I want to laugh more and try some new things. We'll be moving soon, so I've got to do this challenge on the ultra-cheap free side of fun.

Amanda also posted a calendar with some ideas. Click on the picture above or in the sidebar to see her calendar and get more info about the challenge.

A few ideas I might try yeah I stole a few from Amanda's calendar:
  • run like Phoebe
  • sing in the shower
  • solo dance party in the living room
  • bike to a friend's for a puppy play date
  • Pinterest funny photos
  • YouTube funny videos
  • experiment with different laughs
  • organize a game night
  • read funny greeting cards
  • do a cartwheel
  • do something with a friend(s)
  • stop to take more pictures when out running or cycling
If you have any other fun free ideas of things to do, let me know.

I doubt I'll post my fun every day in a blog post, but I'll try to at least share what I do on Facebook and Twitter.

The other challenge I'll be doing in April is: Amazing Arms 'n Abs April

I found this challenge via Ali Mc at Running with Spatulas, but she found it on Domestic Diva in Training's blog. I think I'll follow over at Domestic Diva primarily because there are a few exercises on this calendar that I am not familiar with at least by name.

Hopefully this challenge will motivate me enough to actually do some core work. At this point anything will be better than what I have been doing. I think a lot of my problem is knowing what to do, so this should help to solve that.

How will you be challenging yourself in April? I'll be doing the both two challenges Feel free to join me. plus continuing with my marathon training.

Do you check out a blog's sidebar? I'm not always the best at this, but I do try to check them out at least occasionally.

Ever feel weird about bike riding with no particular purpose other than exercise? Obviously, I do.

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  1. I like checking out blogs sidebars, but sometimes I'm just visiting for the content ;)

    I am so happy you are in for the abs and arms challenge. I am not familiar with some of those exercises either - I am going to join the support group on facebook! lol

    I love biking for no reason :D nice ride!!!

  2. I'll be honest, I hardly look at sidebars unless I'm looking for something. I never even thought about it until you brought it up here! Of course, now I'll be noticing everyone's sidebars!

  3. I notice people's sidebars if something looks different but other than that probably not. Both challenges sound great! I'm doing Amanda's challenge as well!