Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Training for Grandma's Week 4

I know, I know. I'm several days into week 5 already, but here's my training report for Week 4. Better late than never, right?

It was nothing very impressive this week anyway.

Here is what it was supposed to look like:

But I spent most of the week resting, so here is what it actually looked like:

Mon, 3/5 - rested

Tue, 3/6 - It was such a beautiful day! I couldn't resist walking home from work.

Wed, 3/7 - rested

Thu, 3/8 - rested

Fri, 3/9 - I dragged my husband to the pool. I thought swimming would be lower impact on my knee, but I could really feel my knee when I swam. It didn't stop me, so it wasn't debilitating - just uncomfortable.

Sat, 3/10 - rested

Sun, 3/11 - Let's just say restless! I couldn't stand not running any longer, so I decided to test the waters. If my knee was bothering me too much, I'd end my run early. I figured I'd probably get in 2-6 miles. I surprised myself by going over 7!

I discovered this week that if I'm not running, I find myself not doing anything. I know I should have been spending time doing core work or low impact cross training, but it's so hard to motivate myself when running is off the table.

Now, I have a half marathon in 3 days, and I think I'll be okay. :-)

What do you do when you're not running? Unfortunately, I end up being a bum - watching more TV than I should and surfing the Internet. Ugh!

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  1. I try to do more yoga when I'm not running very much. Unfortunately, I often don't compensate as much as I should.

    Are you doing the Get Lucky? I will be there!

  2. Yeah. I should totally do more yoga.

    Yep! That's the one. :)

  3. I do all sorts of other things when not running. I usually pop in an exercise DVD. Lately, it's been more Pilates and core work. But I often will do aerobics (step, floor, boxing, kickboxing or ice-skating (hockey not figure)). I even incorporate some yoga into the mix.