Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I found this list of questions on Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures. I thought they were really fun, and I'm trying to post more regularly, two posts in two days! Woot woot!! so here goes...

would you rather be able to dance, sing or draw?
Definitely dance. I've always dreamed of being graceful and elegant. Plus extra fun ways to exercise. :)

on pinterest, would you rather have the clothes you pinned appear in your closet, the decor you pinned show up in your house (and you can change it as you please) or have the recipes you pinned show up on your kitchen table?
I guess I'd have to go with the recipes - seeing as I have no closet and my house will soon be a van. I don't have a kitchen table either, but just having delicious food show up would be fantastic. A girl's gotta eat, y'know.

for the next five years, which five countries would you like to live in, changing every year (you would still work and have a life. this is not a vacation. feel free to state a city too)
In no particular order, United Arab Emirates, Belize, Denmark, Australia, China

for the next five years, which five states would you like to live in, changing every year (you would still work and have a life. this is not a vacation. feel free to state a city too)?
Again, no particular order, California, South Carolina, Maine, Kentucky, Colorado

in what event would you most like to win an Olympic gold medal?
I've not thought about this. Can't say I'm much of an Olympic-y gal.

which disney princess do you want to be?
My husband would likely say Ariel, if he had a vote, because well, she lives Under the Sea, which is where he'd like to be. all. the. time. As for me? Maybe Jasmine from Aladdin. Not sure why.

if you were hosting SNL, who would you want to be the musical guest?
I'd love for the Squirrel Nut Zippers, of course.

if you could take one class at Hogwarts, what would it be?
Don't judge, but I'm not really very familiar with Hogwarts. I do think that maybe a flying broom class would be useful, though.

would you rather have the power to see the future or fix the past?
If I have to choose, I'd rather see the future. I have no regrets of the past.

what is your favorite pop tart flavor (i'm running out of creative juices for questions and well you know, i'm a fan)?
I think I'll go with s'mores. I think that's the flavor I buy most often anyway. That, or blueberry.

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  1. I would totally choose Pinterest to redo my house - I can just make all the food I pin!

    1. Good point! Of course, I'd much rather eat than prepare. ;-)

  2. I LOVE that you chose s'mores too! Your answers were definitely really fun :) Glad you borrowed the questions from me!

  3. I'd definitely choose seeing the future - the past, good or bad, has made me who I am, right? :) Fun questions.