Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few thoughts

In writing yesterday's post, I re-read my first post of 2012. It included 3 goals that I had made for the upcoming year. I really should have looked at it much earlier! One of my goals was to run 600 miles this year. That should have been easy-peasy, as I was planning on training for a marathon.

Well, I nixed the marathon and stopped training in May.
Then, I hurt my knee in July and haven't run at all in August.

Here's what my progress looks like so far:
2012 mileage
I did the math.


That's not even halfway to my goal. Boo.

Instead of seeing this as a failure, I've decided to see it as a challenge. I was planning on trying to get back into running starting tomorrow, and this is just the push I need.

I figure if I run 60 miles in Sept, 80 in Oct, and 100 in each Nov and Dec, and I still make my goal!! While this is definitely a do-able challenge, it will be tough for me. Obviously, I'll be careful and listen to my body and be okay if I fall short because my body isn't up for the challenge in the same way my mind is. You see I've never run a 100-mile month. In. My. LIFE!

But, I'm looking forward to this challenge. Now, who's gonna help me keep on track?

Today's challenge question is "What do you eat before you workout?"

I don't really have a good answer to this one. I usually don't eat anything different than I would on any other normal, given day. Sometimes, I'll grab a granola bar on my way out - especially if it's been awhile since I'd eaten. What do you eat before working out?

With this increase in running/exercise, I think I really should try to eat a bit healthier as well. I'd like to try using the Portman Nutrition Calculator. Basically, you choose you exercise activity and then a few other variables, and VOILA!

A recommendation of how much fluid and nutrient you should replenish. I really like the idea of this great little tool. Have you ever used this tool? What's your favorite online tool?

I had a great interview on Thurs, and I'll find out something either a 2nd interview or thanks for your interest tomorrow, but I neglected to send a thank-you email to the woman I interviewed with. Well, I sent one out this afternoon. I figured better late than never. What do you think about sending thank-you emails? Could one make or break you?

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  1. What do I eat? I usually eat a banana - but noticed that they give me belly aches. Lately, I've been eating toast w/ pb. I hope you get to the 1000 miles! & best of luck with the interview!

  2. My husband spent three years job searching after a lay off. He always sent a thank you after an interview and felt it was super important. I have a friend that is a recruiter and she agrees. Good for you!

    I use Daily Mile to record my mileage and MapMyRun just to map out how far I ran because I don't use any kind of GPS device. I used to use MyFitnessPal to check calorie intake and expenditure just to see where I was. Funny story though, I was reading too fast and when I read Portman Nutrition Calculator, my brain saw Natalie Portman Calculator. I was like, HUH? I had to slow down and read it again. LOL