Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cardio vs Weights

I'll admit it.

I'm way more of a cardio junkie than a weights junkie.

I like to be outside - running or hiking or biking
I like to feel the wind on my face.
I like to see the beauty around me.
I like to smell the flowers and trees.

It's much more difficult to get those experiences being a weights junkie.

I want to be strong.
I want to be fit.

I know strength training is essential for achieving that.
Still, I always end up doing weights very grudgingly.

Which do you prefer? Cardio or weights?

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  1. I'm a cardio junkie too! But I'm slowly starting to strength train more :)

  2. I do like cardio the best. But... Though I do weights some, I prefer "strength training". Mostly, I strength train for injury prevention for running, postural support for long life, and injury prevention and ease of my work, which requires a fair amount of upper body use.

    So what I mean by that is that I firmly believe you can get a great strength workout without a lot of equipment. I like functional, body weight exercises and I like HIIT. Anything to keep the boredom of repeated reps of weights to a minimum! And I don't short change myself. I've worked hard - my glutes and legs are strong and I keep my upper back and core strong, too! Just without being a weights girl :)

    1. Very good point, Ally. I strongly believe in the benefits of body weight as well as more traditional weights.