Thursday, August 9, 2012


I missed putting up a post yesterday. I was too busy doing this.

It looks a lot cuter in person. Plus, I love waking up and not worrying if I have bed head.

Yesterday's topic for the August Healthy Living /Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge was about our worst injuries. At first, I thought I've been so lucky to not have had any major injuries.

While that is true, I did experience a few years when I had shin splints so bad that I could run. It could have been lots worse, it was so frustrating to think that I might never run again. Slowly, but surely, I was able to work my way back into it. Yay!

Today's topic is about body image and the media. I haven't really given this much thought. I like having role models that are skinny, but I think there is too much emphasis, at times, on the super-skinny. I do wish there was more emphasis on FIT and STRONG and HEALTHY - with less emphasis on WEIGHT.

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  1. OMGOSH!!! I love the hair!!!


  2. You look so cute! I will text you soon so we can try to meet up:)

  3. I love the hair cut!! I've definitely had my "worst injury" with my thank you!!!

  4. You're hair is adorable. I often wonder if I could pull off something short and EASY.

  5. Way to go! My hair looks terrible short - your's looks amazing

  6. Your hair looks amazing! That's a gorgeous picture of you.