Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's Cooking?

Today's challenge for the August Healthy Living /Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge is our favorite thing to cook. I'm not the greatest cook, and I don't always like to do it, but when I do, I like to try new recipes. I don't often make the same thing over and over again.

All that being said, I'd probably have to go with Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese. It's quick and easy and oh, so, tasty!

Oh, did you know that I have a recipe/cooking blog? Go visit A Tale of Two Sisters and Their Kitchens to see some recipes that I (and my sister) have tried.

In other news, I had a job interview this afternoon. Yay! It was at a professional staffing agency (aka temp agency). I've worked through a staffing agency off-and-on for the past 10 years, so I'm familiar with how it all works.

Here's the story:

I saw an ad online last Friday for 4 admin assistant positions. I immediately sent my resume to the contact name. A few hours later, I got impatient and called the office. A few moments later, I had an interview scheduled.

Then on Tuesday, the guy called me to say he'd reviewed my resume and would like to set up an interview. Obviously, he hadn't checked his calendar to see that I'd already had something scheduled. :-)

This morning, as I was getting ready, I received a call from the agency to see if I could push the interview back a couple hours. No problem.

When I arrived, another woman arrived at the exact same time. She held the elevator for me; I held the suite door open for her. Turns out we both had an interview at the same time with the same interviewer. *awkward*

Well, they found a different interviewer for me. Luck may have been on my side. The original guy didn't close the door, and I heard much more of that interview while I was waiting for my interviewer to come into the office where I was waiting. The other interview was a lot more in-depth than mine.

But, it's all good, because at the end of the interview, the other woman was sent on her way with the promise that they would call while I was asked to fill out paperwork.

I'm taking that as a good sign.

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  1. Glad the interview went well:) Good luck!

  2. Filling out paperwork is def a good sign! And I love grilled cheese too.

    Here is my post (and not particularly clean, but it is tasty!):