Friday, August 24, 2012

What's in YOUR bag?

Today's challenge prompt is to describe the contents of my gym bag.

Well, as you know, I don't require a lot of things when working out. And, to make it even easier I don't have a gym membership. Truth is, I'm way to cheap to pay for a membership.

No gym membership = No gym bag

So, let's go theoretical on this one, okay?

If I had a gym bag, here are some things I'd want it to include:
A combination lock (no key to lose!)
"Master Lock Assorted Numeric Combination Locks, Assorted" (Google Affiliate Ad)
Some kind of protein bars (wrapped, obviously)
Kashi GoLean Fiber & Protein Bars - Chips, Pretzels & Snack Mixes (Google Affiliate Ad)
A sweat rag...or two (isn't this one adorable?)
A logbook ('cuz if I'm lifting at the gym, I want a record)
Weekly Workout Journal & Logbook (Google Affiliate Ad)
A water bottle (nothing worse that forgetting to bring one of those!)
"22 Oz Classic Glass Water Bottle in Black" (Google Affiliate Ad)
These would be the constants in my bag. Of course, I'd include whatever shoes, clothes, etc I'd need for the particular workout I was doing, but those wouldn't have a permanent home in my gym bag, per se.

What's in your bag (or what would you like in your bag)? What am I missing from mine you know, in case I suddenly get inspired to pay for the gym?

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1 comment:

  1. Looks like you've got it covered! Unless of course you needed to shower there, but I avoid that at all costs! Besides, I rarely go to the gym either. I don't have a membership, though I can go as a guest on my husband's. But I have everything I need at home.