Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why blog?

I have family scattered all around the country, and I've gone through spurts of trying to keep us connected through various outlets (newsletters, etc). Shortly after getting married, I attempted to create a family website. It never really took off for a variety of reasons.

When we were living in NYC in 2006 and neglecting said website, some friends of ours started a family blog for them to keep in contact with their far-away families. What's a blog? we asked.

They told us a little about it, and the Dodson Journal was born. We (read: I) updated it a few times a month with our adventures and experiences, but I wanted a space of my own to share my thoughts on cooking, reading, and whatever else came to mind.

A few months later, I started All Things Clarinda as my home on the web. Over the next several years, I sporadically posted here and there. There wasn't a ton of focus - more a mishmash of a lot of different things.

I thought I needed to find a niche. How about cooking? Well in Oct 2009, I started Tale of Two Sisters and Their Kitchens with one of my sisters. It didn't fill all my needs, so I kept rather inconsistently blogging at all three blogs.

Still, something was missing.

At the end of last year, I decided I needed further focus on my personal blog, so I decided to re-vamp it and focus more on running and fitness. I'd recently started running again, and I really wanted to become healthier and more fit. I thought focusing my blog in this manner would help motivate me to continue with my fitness goals, so I rolled into 2012 with a blog make-over - include a name change: Enjoying the Course - An Average Girl's Journey Through Life.

Life got a little crazy earlier this year, with student teaching and everything, and the ol' blog got a bit neglected again, but so far, I've already blogged more in 2012 than any previous year! Yay!

So, there's the long and short of the answer to today's challenge question: Why did you start blogging? :-)

Now, it's your turn.

Why did you start blogging (your own or reading others)?

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  1. Glad you are back to blogging more:)

  2. Good for you! I think it's cool you keep up so many blogs.

    Here's my post: http://sheslosingit.net/2012/08/21/why-i-started-writing-a-blog/


    1. Thanks, Lisa. I do enjoy it, but it is a little exhausting at times.

  3. Ours started for the simple reason that I had started reading some blogs and knew that my best friend and I could do a great blog based on the emails and conversations we have on a regular basis. What I didn't know is that she would fall out of blogging (totally okay) but I would like it enough to stick around! :)

  4. I like people - I like getting to know their "story", so I like to also read blogs :)