Sunday, September 23, 2012

5-minute Rant

I'm linking up today with Jana from Jana's Thinking Place for Stream of Consciousness Sunday. The topic for today is about careers or majors and why we chose what we did.

This is my first time linking up, and I'm totally going to break the rules and do my own topic. Here we go... 5 minutes starting now...

As you know, I'm officially becoming a bike commuter beginning tomorrow. I'll be biking roughly 5 or so miles to work each way. Not bad.

Except it's all on city streets - only one of which (a very small section of the route) has an actual bike lane.

Now, I've done this ride a couple times already. Once for the job interview; once for the drug screen. The thing is... my husband has always gone with me. Yes. He biked with me to my job interview. Yes. He met my eventual boss. At least not until after the interview. :-)

Anyway, the plan was for him to ride with me tomorrow, too, and then bike back at the end of the day to bike with me home again. Well, something has come up and now he won't be able to come with me in the morning.

This totally freaks him out. He's so worried something will happen. Cars won't pay attention. blah blah blah.

We even biked a safer route this afternoon and tested it out. The thing is, it adds about 15-20 min to the ride - with one scary-ass hill with NO shoulder.

We've decided it's okay for me to ride the original route tomorrow morning.

The thing I hate about it is he wouldn't give anything thought to HIM taking this route, but he doesn't want ME to do it. So frustrating!!

I promise to wear my bike helmet and be extra cautious!

What are your thoughts on bicyclists on the roads vs the sidewalks? Biking on the sidewalks seriously freaks me out! I avoid it at almost all costs.

Should I be nervous about riding tomorrow? I'm really pretty confident about it - despite the fact that I am not the most adept cyclist out there. I really think I'll be okay.

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  1. You will be fine and your husband just wants you to be safe. My husband would be the same way:) Just be cautious. Shoot, now I am going into mom mode:0 Sorry:) Please refer to my first sentence:)

  2. Co grats on taking the greener, healthier route to work. You will be fine. My city doesn't have many bike lanes and I feel bad for the bikers out there trying to share the road. Good luck on the first day!

  3. Wandered by from SOCS ...

    Had to re-read your post, because my brain screeched to a halt at "5 or so miles to work each way" and refused to process any other words. I am so impressed.

    In my community, despite my nearly being mowed down on a regular basis, bicycling on sidewalks is against the law. Not to mention, our sidewalks are in very bad shape.

    I am certain that you'll be fine. My only advice would be to relax. Just like learning to drive a car - the more nervous you are, the greater the chances of having a problem.

    1. Welcome, Julie! Lots of people bike on the sidewalks here. I'm not sure if it's legal or not. I just don't like the uncertainty of it. Will there be crowds of people? Will the sidewalk narrow dangerously? What about all those cracks?

      My commute was without any incidents this morning. Yay!