Monday, September 24, 2012

Around My Home

Our task from the listicles queen is to describe 10 things around our house. This will be a quick post since I don't have too much time before I need to jump on my bike and pedal off to my first day of work. Yay!

Now, I live in a studio apartment, and I don't have a lot of stuff since we sold most everything when we embarked on our journey that ended in Vegas.

So, here are 10 somewhat oddly places things around my apartment
  1. Our bikes right in the living main room.
  2. Main laptop computer on a big tote.
  3. Above-mentioned big tote filled with scuba gear.
  4. Sofa, chaise, and ottoman. With storage under each piece. Again, mostly filled with scuba gear, but also books, biking gear, etc.
  5. More scuba gear hanging in the closet.
  6. A fancy-schmancy safe. Keypad lock. USB cords to protect a hard drive. This one's not so odd, I suppose.
  7. Our bed in the front only room. It's not really a bed, though. Just some stacked sleeping bags, foam padding, and blankets, with some sheets on top for covering.
  8. Empty duffel bags at the head of our bed for a pseudo-headboard.
  9. A set of dumbbells at the foot of our bed.
  10. 5-gallon water purifier. Though I generally just drink tap water.
No pictures today because a) my apartment is too messy right now and b) I've got to take the girl out once more before biking to work.

What odd things do you have in your home?

Feel free to swing over to Stasha's to have a peek around other people's homes.

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  1. Our bikes are in the hall but good for you -- you are off on yours. And scuba gear in Vegas? Sounds like you must be an optimist.

    1. LOL. Well, Lake Mead is nearby, and we're only 5 or so hours from the ocean. Much better than when we bought all our gear while living in MN. :)

  2. Better than my bike, which is in the garage collecting dust!

  3. You sound adventerous! I'd love to learn to scuba! And the bikes could be art pieces ;)

    1. We try. :-)

      Art pieces, indeed. They do at least get used quite frequently.

  4. I missed this Monday, but I hope you get to use all that scuba gear!

  5. You would be surprised how few people have backed up stuff in their safe. And scuba gear must come in very handy in Vegas ha? How are you liking work?