Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Is...

Today the SITS Girls gave us a photo challenge to share what fall looks like where we live or what fall means to us.

Since I've only lived in Vegas for a few months, and haven't really experienced fall here yet, I'm not entirely sure what a Vegas fall is like.

Being a born and raised Minnesotan, fall to me will always include vibrant colors.

The changing colors of the leaves.
The crisp air.
The switch to sweaters and boots and warmer clothes.

What does fall look like where you live?
What does fall mean to you?

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  1. Beautiful photography! I love fall here in my mountains! Stopping by from SITS!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I've never experienced fall in the mountains, but I'm hoping to go trail running or hiking in the mountains around Vegas this fall.

  2. Love your pictures! They capture fall so well!
    Stopping by from SITS today!

  3. Those are some amazing colors!! Fall to me? Sweaters, hot coffee, and falling asleep on the couch wrapped in my favorite blanket!

  4. The changing leaves are so beautiful!

  5. Love those photos! Fall is the same for me — warm clothes, bright leaves and cooler temps! I love getting outside and hiking in the fall, too.

    1. Yes! I enjoy hiking all the time, but for some reason, hiking really reminds me of fall. :)

  6. As much as I looove summer, I will admit to liking fall, too. Boots, sweaters, leaves, pumpkins...