Saturday, September 22, 2012

Healthy vs Non-Sick

A good friend of mine, Tacy, is a personal health coach with Take Shape For Life. I haven't tried the program or really know much about it, but she has a degree in Nutrition from the Univ of MN, so I trust that if she believes in, recommends, and coaches people through this program that it is probably a good one.

So, when she asked if I'd be interested in being on her email list, I said sure.

Yesterday's email from her really caught my attention. It's subject was Healthy vs Non-Sick.

Here are a couple snippets from that email.
Non-sick is really a state of purgatory, where you are just surviving. This simply means that you don't have any problems...YET!

Health on the other hand is a state of thriving. Optimal health comes from a life that is in balance - having physical, mental, emotional, and financial health!
I really couldn't agree more. Being healthy is being strong in all areas of our lives. Being healthy is taking charge of our lives.

No one can force us to be healthy. We must decide for ourselves to make the changes that will put us on the right track to being healthy and not just non-sick.

It's not as simple as popping a pill or jumping on the latest diet fad. It's a lifelong commitment.

Being healthy takes determination and hard work.

Health is NOT a Spectator Sport
How will you move today?

If you're struggling with how to make healthier choices in your life, please visit Tacy's website. Since I haven't tried the program, I can't really vouch for it personally. However, she says it has helped her drop her pregnancy weight after her second child, plus it has really helped her mom to become healthier after a lifetime of weight issues and a struggle with cancer.

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  1. Very true. Many people think that if they aren't actually sick, that they are healthy. That is just not the case. Are you excited for tomorrow?:)

  2. Definitely true. I love how it incorporates all aspects of life, not just physical health.

    1. I agree. Health really does encompass so much more than the physical.

  3. Thanks for your shout out Clairnda! I hope our society will keep making progress towards adopting more preventive health measures and not just bandaging up current problems. I love your desire for health in your life... you are a great example to many!

    1. You're welcome, Tacy! Prevention is always better than a bandage. :)

  4. I totally agree with this! And it is hard work, Non-sick is the easy way out. But the pay off, the reward, is SOOOOO worth it!