Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Virtual Run(s)

I'm sure you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting my official recaps of the Labor Day Virtual Run(s).
Labor Day Virtual Run
After my run on Friday, I decided that I'd definitely be able to tackle the 10-mile option for this virtual run. I planned to run this Sunday morning. I was so excited, I could barely sleep the night before! With every toss and turn, I'd wake and wonder, Is it time to wake up and run yet? I can't remember the last time I was so excited to run!

I finally got up and out the door by 7:30am. I had planned out the route the night before. This would be the longest distance I'd run in Vegas, and I couldn't wait to try out a nearby trail. It took about 3 miles to run to the trail, and then I was on the trail for 4 miles two out, two back, and then the 3 miles back home. simple out and back route.

The first half of this run went quite fast! I think the traffic lights on the way to the trail helped - forcing me to pause and stretch and catch my breath. I ran part of the Arroyo Flamingo Trail. It was a nice trail along the Flamingo Wash.
Side note: If you don't know what a wash is, don't feel bad. I didn't until I moved out here. My first group run was at Pitman Wash; I thought it was just a name, but after then seeing lots of signs for other washes, I finally asked my husband, "What the heck is a wash, anyway?" "Oh, it's to help prevent flooding by providing a channel for the water." Huh. Interesting.
It was a nice, well maintained though not nearly as pretty as running along the Mississippi in MN trail, and I look forward to running it again. I was kind of surprised that there weren't any other runners out. It was a gorgeous morning.
10-mile Labor Day Virtual Run #sweat #runnerdphotoaday #instagram

The second half of the run was much more difficult! I had some equip failure why, always during a timed run/race?, and I ended up needing to walk quite a bit. By 58:00, my walking was getting out of control. I decided to reign it in by structuring it with 3:1 run/walk intervals. That really helped at lot!

After getting back home, doing some yoga and stretching, I logged my run into DailyMile. Despite my route planning the night before, I'd forgotten that this was a little short of 10 miles. I had planned on extending it a bit at the end as necessary, so after discovering that I hadn't, I went back out to finish the last .75 miles. Sallie got to join me for this last segment.

For those who like stats:
10-mile Labor Day Virtual Run Stats
Even though it was tough there at the end, I really enjoyed this run!

I took a rest day on Monday. Well, a break of running. I did walk 5+ miles to get to/from a job interview.

Tuesday, I decided to re-do the 5-mile option. I was not nearly as excited about this run. In fact, I was not looking forward to it at all. The #runnerdphotoaday challenge was #inspiring, so I tried to keep that in mind as I ran. I ran basically the same route as the previous Friday, which meant I had to endure many of the same pedestrian bridges. I thought I'd changed it enough to avoid most of them, but well, I didn't.

The problem with this run was:
  • My legs felt super heavy. 
  • I had trouble breathing. 
  • My right upper arm was chafing. 
  • I developed a blister on my right heel. 

I tried to push through. If it hurts, run faster. It won't stop hurting, but you'll be done faster. I really did. I ended up walked quite a bit during the middle. It was tough to keep going. I just wanted to quit, but I was too far from home to stop early.

Finally, 5-miles arrived and I was right in front of my new favorite park!
One day I'd like to end my run here and do some yoga right there in the center of all the benches.
Not today, though. I've got to get back to stop at the office and request that the exterminator stop by our apt today.
But it's so beautiful!
But my blister HURTS!
But it's beautiful and peaceful and why not make ONE day be TODAY?
How could I argue with that? I thought about taking my shoes off, so I could feel the cool grass on my feet. I didn't. I knew that putting my shoes back on with the blister on my heel wouldn't go over so well. I didn't do much - only about 15 minutes, but it felt great.
If it weren't for the yoga in the park to finish this run, I'd definitely categorize this run as pretty awful. At least my pace was better.

During this run, I saw more runners out than I'd ever seen on this route. 6-8. Still not a lot, but it was still inspiring to see some other crazy folk out there!

Did you run the Labor Day Virtual Day with Mommy Run Fast?
Have you ever done yoga outside? Barefoot?

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  1. Great job getting both runs in, and the 5 miler twice! You had a strong running weekend... I'm glad the race helped inspire you to go farther than you otherwise would have!

  2. Amazing! Good for you! (:

    Thanks for stopping by Papa is a Preacher Clarinda!

  3. Great job with ALL your runs! So great to have pushed yourself to that extra distance and yay for newly discovered trails and routes - I'm always excited when I have something 'new' to look forward to - be it a playlist, different flavour gel, route etc! And if you're in Vegas and running at 7.30 then hats off to you - isn't it hot?! I'm up in BC and still have to get out the door by 6 - I hate the heat!!