Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lovin' It!

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?
~Bob Marley

I love my life. I know I've been complaining a bit a lot about not having a job and the frustrations of trying to find one, but rationally, I know that it's just a minor blip. Things will work out. Despite those frustrations:
  • I have a wonderfully supportive husband.
  • I'm highly educated. While that sometimes hurts me while job hunting, it's something no one can ever take from me.
  • I've had some terrific experiences - living in various regions of the US, traveling to the USVI and Costa Rica.
  • I'm relatively healthy.
  • I'm a certified Scuba diver.
  • I've run (not raced) in MN, ND, MT, ID, WA, OR, CA, and NV. I really need to finish editing the other videos, so I can get them posted.
  • I recently discovered this tiny little park that I love running past. Plus, I did some post-run yoga there the other day, and I think I'll definitely do it again. It's my new favorite place to exercise!
The Arboretum at Hughes Center

I think it's pretty obvious that I love my life!

I don't ever look back and see regrets but rather experiences. Everything I've done has led me to become the woman I am today - a woman I am very much proud to know.

Are you satisfied with the life you're living?
Where is your favorite place to workout?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my Blog. I like this positive post! I've lived (not run) in CA, MN, and visited NV. I don't run. I don't exercise per se; but I try to maintain regular movement and healthy habits. That's gotta count for somethin', yah?

  2. Those are some pretty solid things to be thankful for! But I hope you find a job, I can't imagine how frustrating that could be.

    1. I hope so, too. It wouldn't be so bad if we were at least a one income family, but right now we are at zero. :-(

  3. It's so important to take time to be grateful and think about what we have, rather than what we want. Great post!

  4. Love the new blog look! That park looks pretty:)