Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please Share This...It Could Save a Child

A friend of mine has a daughter with a medical problem that was discovered because she wasn't growing "normally". She seemed perfectly healthy in every way except her growth. She was lucky. I remember the first time I visited my friend when her baby was only two months old. She was the tiniest baby I'd ever held!

Russell Silver Syndrome MAGIC Foundation
My friend's daughter at 6 months old.
She was still wearing doll clothes and doll shoes at the time;
Preemie clothes were still too big
Is your child growing normally? Too much or too little growth is a major sign of a child's health!

Simple problems like thyroid imbalances can affect a child's growth. Brain tumors can also interrupt a child's growth. Other disorders of the endocrine system can interrupt growth. Despite the message's simplicity, this is no joke.

If you are concerned about a child, please visit for more information.

Russell Silver Syndrome MAGIC Foundation
My friend's daughter on the first day of 5th grade.
Look at those long legs!
PLEASE keep this message going by sharing this on FB, Twitter, Email,etc; somewhere a child is depending on you! 

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  1. She should be a runner with legs like those!

  2. Thank you Clarinda for helping us spread the word!! She actually started running last year. She ran her first 5k at 9 in 33 minutes. Her next one is coming up in Oct and I think she will be faster. She just ran in her school lap a thon fundraiser and in one hour ran 5.25 miles. We are really proud. It was never a moment we thought we would even have a chance at getting! We are so blessed!!

    1. You're welcome, Dayna! I'm happy to help. I hope that she is able to continue running. :)

  3. Just read the comment about her running - how cool is that?!