Thursday, September 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday

  1. I start my new job in four days! I'm super excited! I'm also a bit nervous. How will this affect my blogging? What if I don't wake up in time? What will I wear? What will I bring for lunch?  I haven't had a job since May, and I got rid of almost all my professional clothing when we set out on our adventure. I've gotten used to the stayinguplate-sleepingin-loungingallday-blogging-running-soakinginthehottub lifestyle. I'm excited for the opportunities that working will afford me, but I've gotta be honest, I'll miss this leisure time I've enjoyed these past few months.

  2. I'm skipping my run today. I fully intended on going when I woke up, but my first few steps after crawling out of bed were too painful. Both knees are bothering, so I figure a rest from running for a couple days might do them some good. I plan to continue with some strength exercises today. If I can't run, I can strengthen, right?

  3. I've been working diligently the past couple of days to sift through our photos from our travels in June. I've posted some videos and pictures to Facebook here and here. In case you missed out, you can read more about our time in Montana (here and here) and Idaho (here and here). My goal is to get through everything over the weekend before I start my new job. I'm sure there will be a bit of settling in time once I start.
What's going on with you today?
Anything fun planned for the weekend?

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  1. ugh i have got about 4 years worth of photos that i need to print, organize and put in albums.... UGH. lol

  2. Well it's Friday now ;) but Thursday is my work-in-the-morning-then-my-weekend-starts day! I just ordered and received a digital scrapbook album of our Reno trip this summer - it was a FREE offer from Shutterfly! Can't beat free. I also ordered a bunch of prints while I was there so I could complete my son's baseball scrapbook from the last year. But do not let that make it sound like I am caught up - there are many years I am still behind!