Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What a hike!

Today the SITS Girls challenged to share our favorite fall memory.

For some reason, hiking always reminds me of fall. Hiking in the fall in MN is something really special. The crunch of the leaves underfoot. The beautiful colors. The crisp air.

The memory that first came to mind with this prompt was a family hike. It was a long time ago. I'm not sure if was even during the fall, but since hiking seems to equate to fall, it seemed appropriate. :-)

Nestled in central Minnesota is one of the highest points in the state - Inspiration Peak. It was probably about an hour away from where we lived. It was beautiful and not a very strenuous hike. Good for the whole family!

We took family hikes there on several occasions, but one was more memorable than the rest. We'd all piled out of the family sedan. Us kids were playing around, anxious to be out of the car and heading up the mountain hill.

We hiked up to the top. We hung out taking in the beauty around us.

From the top, you can see 9 different lakes and parts of 3 different counties! My memories of this day does not include the lush greenery of this picture, so I really think this may have happened in the fall.

After spending some time at the top, we began our descent back to the car. Once back, my step-dad realized that Oops! He'd locked the keys in the car.

Well, the locking of the keys was intentional, but he had thought he'd removed the key for the doors. Instead, he'd removed the key for the ignition. Do they even make cars with separate keys for doors and ignition anymore?

This was in the days before cell phones, so calling for help wasn't exactly easy. No, it involved a long walk to a nearish cafe to use a pay phone. After trying needlessly to break into our own car, my step-dad and a brother(?) surely, my parents wouldn't have left us kids alone, right? headed to the cafe to call another brother. Meanwhile, us kids continued to play.
You know, anything to stave off boredom fun kid games. :-)

Eventually, help was on the way! We were all very relieved when the spare keys arrived, and we could start the drive home.

Good thing we'd finished our hike early enough that there was still a bit of daylight when we were finally able to get back on the road.

Phew! What a long day.

What's your favorite fall memory?

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  1. It has been a long time since I have visited Minnesota but I have fond memories of rollerblading around the lakes. The picture you posted was beautiful.

    My favorite fall memory? That is a hard one. I grew up Phoenix where it was still hot on Halloween, so it is hard to have a memory associated with fall. What I love most about fall is anything pumpkin: lattes, pie, bread, etc. If it is pumpkin I will devour it. And if it is pumpkin, I know it is fall.

  2. Ah, yes! Pumpkin is great. :) And definitely a sign of fall.

  3. What a fun memory:) It's funny, when I think about fall, I always think about the power going out on Thanksgiving. Weird!

  4. Wow, what a cool hike! I love hikes that top out with an incredible view.

  5. Ohhh my dearest sister you painted such a nice picture of that indeed was fall! I remember it being fun until BOTH MOM and DAD walked to the nearish cafe....yep those were the days that kids were left alone.....probalby in hopes that someone would take at least ONE of us.....*wink wink* there were plenty of us! If mom was a drinking woman I bet you she would have had a BIG one after that night...I remember her drawing hopscotch with a rock and I was amazed!! of course I was always in awe of mom and her powers! Thank you for sharing this story!! totally cheered me up!