Monday, November 5, 2012

10 Memories from the Not So Distant Past

You can read the full recap from Saturday's Really Big Free Half Marathon here. Writing a race recap is difficult, because there is so much to say that it's hard to get it all down in a sensical manner. Some great memories always get left out.

Today's Monday Listicles topic is 10 Amazing Memories from a Not So Distant Past. Well, I don't know if these will exactly qualify as amazing or not, but here are...

Some new, some repeats from yesterday's recap
  1. Anxiously leaving my apartment at 5:25 to meet my ride out in the parking lot instead of waiting for his text.
  2. Stumbling to get to the late packet pick-up tent. It was SO DARK!
  3. Missing the long line of port-a-potties through the marathoners because it was SO DARK.
  4. Rubbing my arms like crazy to keep them semi-warm while waiting for the start.
  5. Talking to the girl who would become my Hare.
  6. Pushing myself to catch-up with the guy wearing the 2011 Ragnar shirt, just so I could ask if he was running Ragnar next weekend. He was not.
  7. Being mesmerized by the splendor of the course - the mountains, Lake Mead, the colorful runners dotting the course ahead of me.

  8. Mountains Lake Mead Really Big Free Half Marathon

  9. Encouragingly swearing to myself. Not at myself. Apparently I have quite the potty mouth while running.
  10. Convincing myself that I didn't need to walk after running 10 miles. Only a 5k left to go!
  11. Fighting back the tears after achieving an incredible 9 min PR.
BONUS: Coming home from a walk to McDonald's to find that Sallie had gotten into, and EATEN ALL of, my race day gummy bears. Now, I need to buy some more for Ragnar this weekend.
    What are some of your amazing memories from the not-so-distant past?

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    1. Sounds as though your Saturday was very busy and rewarding! Congratulations on a great achievement! Beautiful photo!

      1. Thanks, Kim! It was a very rewarding day. :) Pretty lazy weekend, once the race was over. :D

    2. WOW...congrats on completing the race!!! I'm not a runner. As a matter of fact, I'm barely a walker (tee hee) so I admire people who do run for fun! You do find it fun right??? :D

    3. WOW! I also admire runners... what dedication and strength (physically and mentally)! I am a wanna be. Maybe one of these days... Great list :)

      1. You can do it! If you're new, try searching for a Couch to 5K (C25K) program. I'm sure you'd find something that would work for you. Good luck!

    4. I say let the tears fly, maybe off in the corner somewhere:) When I pr'd at NODM I went away from everyone and cried. I couldn't believe it! Way to go girl!

      1. I might have if I weren't getting a ride home with someone I barely knew; I'm kind of an ugly crier. LOL.

    5. I am in awe of people who race! You guys are amazing! And that view is breath taking! Congrats!

    6. Congrats, what an achievement!

    7. This is framing awesome!! Congregants in your PR, what a time girl!!!