Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Normally, Wednesdays are my sleep-in days. And by sleep in, I mean still get up at 5am to feed Sallie and then go back to sleep until 6:30am.

Since I took a rest week last week, and then slept in Monday, and have the potential of sleeping in tomorrow, I decided that TODAY, I would still get up at 5 to get in a workout.

I started out with this humdigger, because the 45 pushups from yesterday didn't kill my shoulders enough.

Seriously, though, it was a great quick workout. I think it took me 8:25, and I. am. SLOW. about these strength types of workouts.

Since I was feeling a bit gluttonous, I decided to head to the tiny fitness center at my apartment complex to hit up the elliptical.

Back in the day, when I couldn't run (stupid shins!), I tried to learn to love the elliptical.

Years later, after my shins decided to love me again, and I've really embraced running, THE ELLIPTICAL STILL PROVES TO HATE ME! I spent 20 minutes on that devil a 25 min/mile pace. At the end of the 20 minutes, my toes were numb and I was sweating like a mother. I'll take it, but I figured I must be doing something wrong to make my toes/feet hurt so much from this machine.

So, I asked my friends on DailyMile what they thought. I got some great advice from a husband/wife team (Thanks, Donald and Irina!), which I'll bascially boil down to keep your feet planted, hips lower than what feels normal, and try not to be too bouncy.

I can tell that yesterday I didn't keep my feet planted because my calves are in a state of revolt today.

I tried to keep their advice in mind this morning, but my experience was pretty much the same. Ok. Ever so slightly faster, but still very slow.

Leaving the gym super sweaty, I'm still counting it a win!!

The question is ... should I continue to try to conquer the elliptical or just stick to running and biking?

How was your workout today?

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  1. I think you should just stick to running/biking. I don't think the elliptical likes you. Sorry :)

    1. LOL. You might be right, but maybe I should look at it as a challenge...? ;-)

  2. Hi from ICLW. I'd stick with running/biking, especially if you are doing that outside which is WAY more fun than being stuck on an elliptical!

    Question: how did you finally overcome your shin splints? I have been having a killer time with my right shin and it just doesn't seem to be going away.

    1. Very true! I do run on the treadmill a lot, though. I hate running in the dark by myself. :(

      As for overcoming shin pain, I don't have any great solution. It's almost as if one day the pain was just gone, which was weird because it had lingered for years. :( Mostly I tried to really focus on strengthening my calves. I also spent months on the treadmill. The give of the belt was easier on my shins than the roads/trails/sidewalks. I took it slow and easy, and then was rewarded. I also iced a lot after each workout. I hope that helps. I'm no expert, but that is what worked for me, from what I can remember. :)

  3. Isn't it crazy, the elliptical seems like one of those machines that should be easy and easy on you, but my feet end up traveling backward no matter how I try to keep them planted.

    1. Exactly! My feet usually end up traveling forward, though. :)

  4. how fun! I too am addicted (1-2 times/day) to working out! Doing my first tri in April! Hi from ICLW!

    1. That is impressive! Good luck on your upcoming tri.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)