Sunday, December 30, 2012

Book Review: The Dark Tide

The Dark Tide (Ty Hauck, #1)The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Plot
One wealthy family's life is turned upside down the morning of a bombing at Grand Central station as they realize that their husband/father has perished in the destruction. He was a successful hedge fund manager, and as the family attempts to put their lives back in order, things begin to come out that question his integrity.

The same day as the bombing, there was a suspicious hit-and-run in the small town where the family lives. It doesn't sit well with the head detective, Ty Hauck, and, during his investigation, he stumbles upon some information that somehow links the victim with the hedge fund manager.

This link sets the story in motion and connects Hauck with the widow of of the hedge fund manager, Karen Friedman. As more and more links and information comes out about her husband's death, these two find they can't trust anyone else.

My Thoughts
I starting reading this during my lunch breaks at work, and it was always a little difficult to put it down when my break was over. The story, with all its little nuances and twists kept me interested from one scene to the next.

I thought Gross did a great job of unfolding the story bit by bit. I enjoyed Karen's character as well as Ty's and thought they worked really well together. Even their romance seemed to flow nicely and took time to properly develop. I enjoyed getting to know them as well as the other characters. While there was a mystery to solve, I felt that the true story lied between these two. The other characters were more peripheral but were developed appropriately for their role in the overall story.

In general, I really enjoyed this book. There were a few aspects that were obvious and predictable, and it was a little frustrating that the characters weren't getting there faster - but not enough for me to really complain.

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