Friday, December 21, 2012

Fitness Friday: Post-Run Routines {Part 2}

Waaaay back in Oct, I wrote a post about my post-run routines. I meant to do a follow-up post with some of the stretches that I do in addition to those simple strength exercises.

I really did take the pictures the very next week!

But then other things got in the way, and I never got around to fiddling with them to get them ready to post. Until this morning.

Now, this is what I do, and it works for me. I know my form isn't perfect, but it's still stretching and helps me feel better after running.

Of course, I'm on a hiatus until January 1st. I can't wait to run and do this stretches again soon!

Like I mentioned in that earlier post, I don't know the names of these stretches, but I'll try to describe them.

1. Lie on your back. Raise one leg straight until it is perpendicular (somewhat) to the floor. The other leg can either be flat or bent at the knee.

2. Lie on your back. Bend one leg and draw knee to chest. Keep other leg flat on the floor.

3. Lie on your back. Place ankle on opposite knee. Draw bent leg toward chest.

4. Lie on your back. Bend one leg and twist body away from bent leg.

Hold each stretch for a minimum count of 15. Remember to stretch both legs!

This is what has been working for me.

What are your favorite post-run stretches?

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  1. I am going to make a stretching video when the new year starts:)

  2. I use 3 of your stretches (plus a few more) almost nightly whether I run or not.