Friday, December 14, 2012

Good Day

Sometimes just writing a whiny post is enough to help turn things around. Thanks for all your wonderful, supportive comments.

One whiny thing I hadn't mentioned in the post was my lack of warm clothing. I really only had one versatile sweater, and I had worn it everyday for too many days in a row. So, after work I stopped at Savers for a little retail therapy.

For $20, I brought home two pairs of work pants + 3 sweaters. Yay!

1 new sweater + 1 new pair of work pants

Thursday morning brought a surprise bonus from work. Everyone got one, and the amount depended upon how long you'd worked there in 2012. Since I started after July 1st, I didn't actually get a check but a $25 gift card to Target. Sweet!

Now, I always bring my lunch, but I'm also never one to turn down free food, so when invited out to lunch, I couldn't say no.

I had a delicious veggie stir fry at Le Thai in downtown Vegas.

Level 2 Spiciness
How spicy do you want it? 1-5.
1 is mild.
2 is medium.
3 is hot.
4 is fire.
All I could think was, if 4 is fire, what is 5? Nuclear?

The super fun looking restaurant next door had this sign outside.

At least two of us had to take a picture. :D

And then my day ended with some TV and hot cocoa with my husband.

So, yeah. It was a good day.

Now, today, we're celebrating Christmas at work. Instead of having a traditional company holiday party, they've devoted the entire day to celebrating. We started off with a continental breakfast. I *wanted* to take a picture, but I left my phone at my desk and ended up eating in the cafeteria.

I had some light peach yogurt, and mammoth-sized blueberry muffin, and the most delicious to-die-for mini quiche.

Yesterday, they sent out a menu for today's lunch:
Prime Rib
Pork Tenderloin
Variety of vegetables
Variety of salads
and of course Desserts
Good thing I worked out this morning. *wink*

Being all festive with jingle bell earrings.
Anything fun planned for the weekend?
Does your company do anything special for the holidays?

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  1. Yummy! My husband's company always takes everyone out to a fancy dinner for their holiday party. Personally I would rather get a check:)

  2. All that for $20? That was indeed a good shopping experience! And that stir fry looks yummy. I love Thai food!

    1. Yep! Great finds at the thrift store that day. :) Plus the two sweaters I found have super long sleeves which are awesome!

      I don't eat a lot of Thai food, so I was hesitant about going to a Thai restaurant. I went with stir fry, but I figured I couldn't go wrong with that. lol.

  3. Pretty earrings! I hope you treat yourself with the $25 giftcard to Target.

    1. I did! I bought some fun nail polish and some new make-up. LOVE!