Monday, December 3, 2012

I Am Great

Today, it's time to brag. Because, you know, it's good for the soul to do it every once in awhile.

Plus, it's our topic for today's Monday Listicles. It comes to us from Mrs. M at The Bonny Bard.

10 Reasons I Am Great
  1. I am open-minded.
  2. I am flexible and can adapt to new situations relatively quickly.
  3. I can admit when I'm wrong and I own my mistakes.
  4. I know my way around the kitchen and can sometimes produce some deliciousness.
  5. I like both action movies and chick flicks.
  6. I am a runner.
  7. I am an optimist.
  8. I can usually always find something good to say to or about anyone or anything.
  9. I almost always give someone the benefit of the doubt.
  10. I have a cute smile.
What else would you add to my list cuz I crave validation?
What makes you great?

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  1. An optimist. That is a learned trait for me. I hope you had it going for you all your life like my daughter.

    1. I like to think it's been a lifelong trait, but I tend to look back through rose-tinted glasses. :)

  2. oh what a great thing to post about. Don't we often give ourselves a hard time?? This is so positive!
    love that you're an optimist, and yes, you do have a great smile!!

  3. We've known about #9 for a long long time.


  4. Yes, you are an optimist and I love it! Way to validate:)

  5. Ah, being an optimist and finding the good - qualities that will take you a long way in life!

  6. Great list! I like both action and chick flick movies too!

  7. Hey Clarinda! I love the colors on your blog. So happy. :) I totally admire that you are flexible to change... that's one area where I'm lacking. If you tell me something is going to change... even the teeniest, tiniest thing, I unwillingly freak out. I say unwillingly because I try to fight it, I really do. It's just a hard thing to help. BUT I will say that I think exercise is a good way to combat the "freak outs."

    1. Good for you for trying to fight it. Thank goodness for exercise, right? ;-)

  8. I would have to add that you are adventurous or at least I think so!

    1. Thanks! I guess I am. My boss describes me that way, too. :)

  9. Hello from another optimist here. And yes, you do have a cute smile!

  10. You do have a cute smile. And you always have a positive attitude on the blog so I know you are a star!!