Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair Experiment

If you've been following my adventures for awhile, you might recall that I primarily cut my own hair. The last time I cut it was for my birthday back in August (which apparently I didn't post about!).

But I did post it on Facebook. :)

At that time, I decided that I would try a little experiment. I'd only cut my hair once a year around my birthday. My main motivation for this? It's a lot of time, effort, and work to cut my hair? Nope. 

I want be able to sport a ponytail this summer / running season.

It is kind of at a cute length right now.

I can *kind of* pull it back into a teeny tiny ponytail.

Still, it's been driving me a bit crazy lately. It just seems so heavy and drab. I really want the future length, so I don't want to buckle and cut it now, but I'm thinking I need to do something to change it up. Maybe change the color?

I'm thinking a trip to the drug store for some hair dye is in my near future, so what do you think?

Should I go lighter?

Of course, Jeff prefers short hair. Like Angela Jolie in Hackers.

So, maybe I should break down and cut it short again?

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  1. I say go redder! Maybe some highlights:) Woohoo, hair experiments. I am not very adventurous when it comes to hair so I have to live vicariously through others:) Can't wait to see what you decide.

    1. Thanks, Rachelle! I think I might just do that. :) I'll post pics, for sure.

  2. I love your short hair, it looks great! I've always wanted to cut my own hair, but have never had the guts to do it. My hair is very long and it used to be short like yours - I miss it desperately. You look beautiful. :) And Happy late birthday.

    1. The first time I did it, I figured if it was horrible, I'd go to a stylist and have them fix it. It turned out cute enough that I was hooked on doing it myself.

  3. I live vicariously through others' hair experiments, as well. I love it, but am not brave enough to do it myself! :) Color is a great way to change it up while you grow out, though. I think redder would be fun!

    1. Thanks, Ally! I think I might do something this weekend - after my 5K. :)

  4. I really like it short--maybe just browse around pinterest until you're feeling inspired--and I think you could rock some red or purple highlights for sure!