Sunday, February 3, 2013

January in Review

I started writing this post at the end of January and by start I mean, wrote one sentence, but then for some reason I decided to wait to write it until after my Feb 5K. Now, that was just plain silly as I should've know that a race recap would be long enough to be a post on it's own.

So, here's my January recap with a tiny bit of Feb thrown in.

I'll confess. I was none to sad to see January come to an end. Personally, it was a great month, but work was stressful and crazy busy. Unfortunately, that really clouded the month. Plus, it was cold here relatively speaking, and the cold always makes me a bit cranky.

Since I'm still super stoked about my 2013 goals, I thought I'd do my month-end reviews centered around those goals.

Run Faster.
I know this goal will take me all year, but I started January out with a Virtual Race that proved I hadn't fallen too far behind my previous PR.
Previous PR - 28:12
January's 5K - 28:24

If you read yesterday's post, you know that my new PR is 27:09, so I'm definitely heading in the right direction to be able to conquer that sub-25:00.

Eat Healthier.
Overall, I could have done much better with this. Honestly, convenience food is just so much more, um, convenient. After long, hard days at work, I just don't feel like doing anything for dinner. But I did manage to try two new recipes.

The egg rolls were delicious, but the soup was inedible. Seriously, so bad that we ended up throwing a frozen pizza in the oven.

Train Harder.
Again, I could've been much better about this. In total, I did 17 workouts, which comes out to roughly 4 a week. I guess that's not bad, but I think it was so disorganized. I really need to make a better plan for Feb.

Still, I can see some progress in my arms.

I had to flex the shit out of my arms to make Feb look as good as I did. By the end of the year, I want them to look good without have the flex. so. damn. hard. :-)

Read More.
I definitely read more in Jan this year than I did last year. It's been really nice bringing my Kindle with me to work and reading over lunch. A great little stress releaser.

I even finished 3 books. Unfortunately, I've only reviewed 1. Great reminder for me to write a review (or at least rate on Goodreads) for the other two.

Come Hell or High Water by Marvin Leblanc
I Never by Bradley Convissar
The Incredible Tito by Howard Fast

Serve More.
This one was kind of a struggle this month. My impact was small, but I figure, hey, at least I did something.

CharityMiles Impact
9.1 miles healthier through Partnership for a Healthier America
11.4 minutes of cancer research through Stand Up To Cancer
5.1 antiretroviral pills through (RED) to benefit The Global Fund

The last Sunday of the month, Jeff and I went to one of the nearby washes with a couple trash bags to pick up litter along the bike path. Neither of us were really in the mood to do it. Plus, it was really windy, so we ended up going for a much shorter time than we'd originally planned. Still we picked up one pretty full/heavy bag of trash.

Jeff also did a LOT of service in our apartment community. When we moved into a bigger apartment at the end of December, we were supposed to get a parking spot assigned to us, but the parking assignments were a mess. The manager wanted to revamp it and reassign all the spots, so they were more logical. Jeff volunteered hours creating maps and spreadsheets to make it easier for the office to assign and track. He could explain it much better, but he put in a lot of work into it. Secretly, I know he loved doing it, but the office still hasn't managed to implement it. I hope all his hard work wasn't in vain!

That about covers it for my 2013 goals, but here are a few other things I did.

I started a Happiness Project. Originally on this blog, but moved it over to its own home later.

I have managed to post a happy moment about each day, but there were a few that I cheated on by posting the next morning and just changing the post date to be for the previous evening. I'm so sneaky!

Wrote a couple great posts about running and staying healthy in college.

Tried a couple new products. here and here.

Had a fabulous date night with Jeff, which I still need to blog about.

All-in-all, really not a bad month. Except for that whole work thing.

How was your first month of 2013? If you wrote a post about it, please leave a link in the comments. I'd love to read all about it.
What are you most looking forward to in February?

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  1. Sounds like a pretty full month to me! Kudos to Jeff for putting all that work into the parking situation - I hope they implement it soon!

    1. It didn't seem like much until I sat down to blog about it. Crazy! Feb will have even more fun things. I can feel it. I hope they implement the parking thing soon, too.