Saturday, February 2, 2013

Run for a Wish 5K

As I mentioned in Thursday's post, I signed up to run the Run for a Wish 5K this morning. I didn't go into this expecting to get a PR, based on my foot still bothering me a bit + kind of a crappy-I-wanna-die treadmill run on Wednesday, but **spoiler alert** I totally did!

I got up early this morning to get ready for the race. I desperately need to shave. lol. And my hair was in need of some serious help. Seriously, it took way longer than it should have to get into two tiny pigtails and a headband. I just want it to grow faster.

I woke up my driver husband, ate some oatmeal, and headed out to the race. Sallie even came along for the ride. We parked a little later than I would've liked. I wasn't sure how long the line would be for me to get my race bib and t-shirt. Turns out I had plenty of time.

I kissed Jeff good-bye, met up with a friend, and headed to the start line. I wanted to start closer to the front of the pack than I did for the Great Santa Run, so we bobbed and weaved our way through crowds until we got to the front. Seeing the 4:00 mile sign was intimidating, so I convinced my friend we should move back a bit. We ended up starting right behind the 8:00 mile group.

Once the race started, my friend shot off super fast. I'd already started my Rock My Run mix, so I just pressed START on my watch as I crossed the start line. I started out a bit faster than maybe I should have, but I was just feeling the music and, even though I wasn't trying for a PR, I really wanted to push myself.

I stopped for water at the first water stop. Had a couple sips and then carried on. Truth be told, my tummy wasn't feeling exactly happy with me, and the water sloshing around wasn't helping.

But I continued pushing. I know I slowed down on the big hill. Both out and back. I skipped all other offers of water - holding out for bottles at the end of the race. Cuz I knew I'd be desperate by then.

Once we re-entered the parking lot, the 5K met up with the 1 mile walk. This was annoying because the walkers kept spreading out over the entire breadth of the road, leaving just a sliver for the runners.

Around mile 2.5 (I think), I started to speed up. I thought I was nearer the end than I really was. It probably wasn't a steady increase, but by the time I rounded that last corner, I was ready to sprint it out.

I finished STRONG and HARD, and was completely shocked when I pressed STOP on my watch as I crossed the finish line.


I was panting pretty hard by that time, so I barely had the energy to smile - let alone jump for joy. Inside, I totally was, though.

After finishing so hard, it took a few minutes for me to re-coup. I mean I was scaring all the children. My face has a tendency to get really red, and I noticed a few kids whispering to their parents if I was okay.

The best part of this race was the post-race haul. Mostly, because I totally wasn't expecting anything at all. I grabbed a bottle of water and a banana, and then was handed a goodie bag. The lady handing it to me said it looked like I really deserved it. LOL.

I was stoked about the water bottle and beach ball alone, but it also included a small bottle of sunscreen, lip balm, a pen, BOGO at Jamba Juice and Frost Bite, VIP passes to Stoney's, at $50 GC to Planet Beach (a contempo spa), and a $500 GC to RedStar World Wear. I normally don't really go through all the paper in the goodie bags, but I'm so glad that I did today!! I also got a t-shirt, of course, and 5-hour energy.

This was such a fun start race! Plus, the timing was pretty perfect, as I can use this race as double duty and count it for my February 5 by the 5th Virtual Race. Even if you didn't run this is January, you can still join in the fun. You've got plenty of time. Just saying.

What are you running this weekend?
Ever get surprised by a goodie bag after a race?

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  1. Awesome report! I'm so excited for you- a new pr is an awesome feeling. Congrats again!!

    1. Thanks, Laura. I'm still having trouble believing it. I can clearly remember when shooting for a sub 30:00 seemed impossible.

  2. That's amazing!! Woohoo!! I can't wait to just get 29:59 on my next 5k! What an awesome goodie bag too!!
    I ran 18 this weekend! 14 on the treadmill, 4 outside.

    1. Thanks, Katie! I'm still having trouble believing it. It wasn't that long ago when breaking 30min would send me over the moon. You'll get there. :)

      Congrats on your 18!!

  3. Wow! What a great story. Congrats on the PR!

    I've only run virtual races so no swag bags. Your swag sounds awesome! Much more than the cost of entry I'm sure.

    1. Hehe! Especially, since I got a free entry, through my work, into this race. :) But I think the swag would've been worth it even for those that paid.