Saturday, March 2, 2013

February in Review

Well, it's already the 2nd of March, and I'm already have a tough time adjusting to the fact that it is a new month already. Where the hell did February go??

January was crazy busy at work.
February was better, but instead of getting back to it with my workouts, I feel like I skipped more than I actually did.

I've been feeling very blah lately. I know that if I worked out more diligently and ate better I'd feel better, but I've just been so lazy and unmotivated the past couple of weeks. BOOOO.....

In reality, February really was filled with some fun times!

First, let's quickly check in with my 2013 goals.

Run Faster.
I started the month out by getting another 5K PR at the Run for a Wish 5K.

Eat Healthier.
This was a major fail in February. I ate way too many M&Ms and pizza and drink way too little water. I did actually try three new recipes, but only blogged about the black bean soup.

Train Harder.
I really, really need to make this a higher priority in March. I opted to sleep-in or blog rather than hit the gym. Early in the month, I did try a couple great arm workouts, but I guess they didn't quite turn out to motivate me as much as I'd like.

Read More.
I don't think I even finished one entire book in February. I think I ate lunch out more than any previous month and that meant no reading. :-(

Serve More.
The month got away from us, and we didn't do any service outside of CharityMiles, and even my impact with that app was pretty mediocre.
Total miles ran, walked, or biked: 73.21
21.5 miles healthier through Partnership for a Healthier America
10.3 antiretroviral pills through The Global Fund
1.41 polio vaccines through Shot @ Life
0.57 weeks of school through Girl Up
0.32 bed nets through Nothing But Nets

Obviously, I really need to re-focus for March. It's a bit embarassing to have to do a recap with so many failures.

To end this post on a happier note, go check out my happiness blog - A Happy Moment A Day! I did really great with that blog this month. I'm happy to report that I didn't miss a single day! :-)

I also did some other fun things like...

How was your February? Any big plans for March?
How do you stay motivated to workout when you're feeling blah?

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