Sunday, March 31, 2013

March in Review

As I mentioned yesterday, I can't believe March is already over. 2013 is flying by. I've been having a great year - despite falling a bit behind with my goals.

My February review post was filled with a bunch of failures and a commitment to do better in March. I wish I could say I stuck with that commitment, but sadly, I did not.

Here's a brief check-in on my 2013 goals.

Run Faster.
Goal: Run a sub 25 min 5K.
Progress: I didn't really do any speedwork in March (or even much running). My March 5 by the 5th wasn't a PR but at least I'm not slipping. :)

Eat Healthier.
Goal: Prepare at least 2 new healthy recipes each month.
Progress: This was not a good month for eating healthy. I don't think I even tried one new recipe. :(

Train Harder.
Goal: Strong, beautiful arms.
Progress: I slept in way too often and skipped way too many workouts. I did manage to complete a 7-Day Arms Challenge, so there's that, at least. :)

Read More.
Goal: Finish at least 12 books.
Progress: I'm still on track for this goal, but only because I read 3 books in January. I'm working my way through a book right now, but I've just not been very motivated to read the past couple of months.

Serve More.
Goal: Do a community service project each month.
Progress: Another month of only serving with CharityMiles. I really hope we're able to get in some community service in April.
Total miles ran, biked, and walked: 181.6
138.7 meals for hungry people through Feeding America
0.93 bed nets through Nothing But Nets
0.57 polio vaccines through Shot @ Life
1.96 weeks of school through Girl Up
Maybe I'm a bit too hard on myself, but these review posts are kind of depressing. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month and a new quarter - even more reason to get back on track with these goals. :)

There was still lots to be happy about in March. Stop by A Happy Moment A Day to a day-by-day look at what makes me happy.

I also got to see Cee Lo Green and go to NASCAR.
My brother was in town for a few days. He came to NASCAR with us + I got to go out for lunch with him one day, too.
Last night I got to meet up with some old friends and I went to a birthday party and met some new friends. :)

Finally, my two favorite posts this month:
Share the Road: Tips for Drivers (please, please share this post!)
Am I a Real Runner?

How was your March?
Are you still on track with your 2013 goals?

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