Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How did it get to be May already?

I think I say this every year, but this year really seems to be flying by. I can't believe it's already May. Well, I still have at least one more post about Ragnar (if you missed the first two, you can read them here and here), but first let me recap April and see about setting some goals for May.

I attempted two challenges in April - 50 at 50 and Amazing Arms and Abs. I did really great the first couple of weeks, but then the challenges stopped taking top priority. I tried to make a comeback for the last week, but didn't finish out nearly as strong as I would have liked.

I also hoped to run 3x each week and bike at least 3x to work each week. I failed miserably at both of these. Other than my 3 legs of RagnarZion, I think I only ran THREE TIMES the ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL (all in the first week)!! How can I call myself a runner?! As for the biking, I didn't do too much better. *sigh* I drove waaaaayyyyy more often than I'd have liked. Sad.

So, yeah, April was kind of a huge bust.

How am I doing on my overall 2013 goals? Well, they've gotten pretty lame, too.

Run Faster. No progress on this, since I didn't run much at all during April nor really did any speedwork.
Eat Healthier. I don't think I tried any new recipes in April - certainly nothing very healthy.
Train Harder. See above.
Read More. Zero Books in April.
Serve More. Just CharityMiles on the few runs/bike rides I did.


Here's to kicking May's ass and TAKING CONTROL!!

I'm going to try out two challenges again this month - one for eating, one for strength.

First up, I signed up for the Eat Healthy Challenge on Challenge Loop. It doesn't seem very structured - basically just try to make healthier eating choices and share on the challenge page or on Twitter/Instagram using the #eathealthychallenge hashtag.

From the challenge rules:
With this challenge, we will try to eat healthier each day. Activity ideas include: sharing a great recipe, trying a new food, sharing photos of your healthy meal(s) of the day. Get creative! If you are already a healthy eater, share what you are doing with us.
Without much structure, I'm not sure how well I'll do, but I willing to at least give it a shot. :)

Next up, I'll be doing the Sexy for Summer Challenge with H(EDGE)S Fitness. It's basically a plank and squat challenge, increasing intensity each day. I even convinced +Jeff to join me! This morning we cranked out 25 squats and a 20 sec plank, and by the end (if all goes well) we'll work ourselves up to 200 squats and a 120 sec plank. Seems intimidating, but hopefully *fingers crossed* we stick to it. That would definitely be brag worthy - at least to me.

I'm going to try again at the running 3x each week - with some kind of speed work one day, 3-6 miles another, and 8-12 miles on weekends. I also signed up for Race for the Cure on this coming Saturday, which I'll likely do as part of the 5 by the 5th Virtual Race series.

I'll keep the same biking challenge as well - biking a minimum of 3x each week. It's already been getting up into the high 90s, so hopefully with the rising temperatures, I'll be able to stick with this. I might just have to leave a bit earlier and, of course, make sure I have plenty of water.

Well, time to get ready for work, so I have time to start May off right by biking into work. Wish me luck!! :)

What challenges are you doing for May?
How was your April?

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  1. Yes, 200 squats would definitely be brag worthy! I'm cheering you on!!

    1. I know, right? Today was only 40, and I wasn't sure how many more I'd be able to do.