Friday, May 3, 2013

Ragnar Zion - A few other things

The official results have been posted. Our team came in at 122 out of 168 teams!! Now, that may not seem all that great, but considering the injuries on the team + the inexperience most of us had running trails, I'm beyond happy with these results.

Here are my splits:


I'm really impressed with how consistent my pace was. Well, I'm considering it consistent since leg 1 and leg 3 had such close paces. Remember the yellow leg as the hardest, with crazy-ass hills, plus it was DARK!

While the overall experience was great, and the running didn't kill me, there were a few things I wish I hadn't forgotten.

Things I wish I hadn't forgotten...

My camera. I figured I would just use my phone. Unfortunately, it died early on and, since we were camping, charging was a bit difficult. Thus, no pictures. #bloggerfail

Sunscreen on my face or chest. Yeah, I slathered it on my arms and legs, but forgot about my face and my chest peeking through my v-neck tee.

My eyeglasses. I took out my contacts Friday night, only to discover that I'd neglected to put my glasses into their case. Instead, I'd only packed an empty case. Thankfully, one of my awesome teammates safely guided me to the Eco Commode in the middle of the dark, dark night.

A warm hat. Thankfully, I'd remembered at least some warm clothes and a pair of gloves, but a hat would have been very nice to have.

Nail clippers. I think every single one of my nails broke, and I had to rip them off to prevent further, more painful, breakage. Yes, I did give myself a manicure Sunday afternoon.

A knee brace. As you know, I irritated my knee (perhaps my IT band, causing the knee pain) in the first leg, and a brace may have helped between legs.

It was difficult to face going back to work today. I'd have much rather been running another Ragnar Trail relay!! :-)

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