Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The End of My Hair Experiment

You may recall back in January I wrote a post about conducting a little hair experiment. I *really* wanted to make it to my birthday in August, but, well, I buckled.

I was already going crazy in January, so really I did pretty well - lasting until June.

I tried dying it redder in February.

That helped for a while. It was actually quite cute, but then a couple months later, and I was tired of it again.

It was actually getting nearly ponytail length. With a headband, of course.

So, I tried going blond(ish) for summer.

I actually really liked this look, but the conditioning after the coloring didn't work right. My hair was left brittle and coarse and difficult to run a comb through. Plus it hadn't really gotten to the length I was hoping for. Close. But not quite there.

So, I took out the scissors once again.

You probably saw a glimpse of my new look in my last post with the Summertime Tri's & Thighs workout.

The best part, of course, of drastically cutting my hair is all the compliments.

"Ooh! I love your new haircut."
"It looks great."
"You've got a great face for short hair."

And my favorite...

"You look like a serial killer."

My co-worker totally meant it as a compliment. She was referring to a character from The Following, which I haven't seen, but I was assured that she was a cute serial killer. :-)

Since I haven't seen the show, I can only guess it was this girl she was referring to. Valorie Curry.

I've been modest with this haircut. I haven't even bragged once about how I did it myself. LOL. Well, until posting this. :-)

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  1. Cute! I wish I could pull off short hair.

    1. Thanks, Stasy! I never really thought I could, either - until my husband convinced me to try it. :-)

  2. I love your hair short!! SO cute! And you did that yourself?? Even more amazing! I had really short hair a couple years ago. I loved it, but I like my hair longer better.